Chicago Police Officer Charged In Capitol Riot Investigation 1

Chicago Police Officer Charged In Capitol Riot Investigation


Scott MacFarlane reports on the latest updates in the ongoing investigation of the Jan. 6th Capitol riot. 
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    1. @Sara I did, you look him up
      He joined BLM they were like you too cra cra for us….kicked him out. He then joined antifa, they were like you too violent for us. So he joined the Free Range Hillbillies and fit right in.

  1. This is how the Black communities feel about these officers. They sick minded.they make my heart cry

  2. If this happens in a “ Third world country” the USA would be appalled a pointing fingers

    1. @Mari Jayne After over 300 years of trying to get your government to listen will make you go tear something up. For 300 years or better, it’s white America that’s terrorized us.
      You forget this country was founded by violence.

  3. I wonder how many law enforcement officers were involved
    Goes to show you that you can’t trust anyone even a cop.

  4. He should be locked up for beating on his pregnant girlfriend. 60% of mass shooters had previous domestic violence charges.

  5. Its funny how people care of someones past for assaulting pregnant woman when they have different political opinions

    1. More than 50% police have a history of domestic violence, not exactly sure what the reason is. Maybe people who like domestic violence like power and like to see others submit to them, and police work is perfect for that.

    2. Domestic violence is bad among police, and it is well known. Because who are you going to call, the police? They are the police!

  6. Isn’t it ironic that someone who over-celebrates US independence from the United Kingdom WANTS TO INSTALL A KING in the United States?

    Just saying…

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