Chicago Police superintendent says he ignores Trump's tweets 1

Chicago Police superintendent says he ignores Trump’s tweets


CNN's Ryan Young reports on the tensions between the President and the Chicago Police superintendent after a 7-year-old girl was shot in the neck while trick-or-treating. Superintendent Eddie Johnson tells CNN he ignores President Donald Trump's tweets referencing crime in the city. Trump tweeted, in part, "Chicago will never stop its crime wave with the current superintended of police. It just won't happen!" #CNN #News


    1. Bruce Cumming Yeah then turned into Republicans and started all the world wars which killed 60 billion black people.

    1. @Ohnoitsthatguy
      Yes I just found out.
      Where I live this is a daily occurrence, and the children don’t survive, sadly

    2. @Debi God watched this happening and as he is The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent vain entity he would have known this was happening but enjoyed the spectacle – just as he likes BBQs.

    1. @Kman8962 Trump just said he was going to send in the US military to deal with the gang violence in Chicago

    2. @Kman8962 that’s a really stupid idea because how is he going to send in the federal government that’s given them the guns

    3. Kman8962 lmao now you are being your feeling into it by saying he sound not be in office. That’s your opinion which clearly don’t matter when the man got the votes .

    4. NOT a crime. We are a sanctuary city, The illegals are ALLOWED to shoot all they want. Don’t be racist.

    1. @Kevin Mcneil the Republicans are not going to do anything for Chicago you’re here about them being on some of the street gangs payroll like they did back in the day and like they did when the Italian mob was around because how do you think they get away with all this murderer they paid the police off and they put Council seats in their pockets the murder in will never stop in Chicago

  1. Why would anyone allow their kids trick and treat in Chic.? Churches and other org. Need to hold t@t for kids. Come on ppl

    1. @bUH sNUH the murder rate in Chicago was bad in the 80s and the 90s because the projects was nothing but the killing field and little village was another area on the southwest side of Chicago that was bad because the biggest neighborhood that has the most crime was Lawndale back in the day

    2. @Christian Townsend And South Lawndale (now Little Village) was taken over by the illegals. That was the final nail.

    1. I don’t know but Eddie “DUI” Johnson sure isn’t spending it on kicking out the illegals shooting up my ‘hood.

    1. “She didn’t deserve it.” Hmm – not the most intelligent comment I’m ever likely to see from an American when a seven year old girl is wounded in a shooting. She’s seven – but not a baby, and probs shouldn’t be out unchaperoned and soliciting in a shitty neighbourhood. I turn the hose on these evil extortionists if they ignore my sign.

  2. Eddie Johnson ignores the CRIME in Chicago, residence should be protesting him and his lack of keeping Chicago safe. The numbers and statistics don’t lie, even Rahm Emmmanuel should be held accountable…Chicago is a pit.

  3. Just like he ignores his city and duty and just about everything else. Chicago is a war zone. But its ok. Women and children dying but let’s talk about trump some more. Trump2020

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