Chicago Reaches Tentative Deal To Reopen Public Schools | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Now Beetleguese, is in a rush to open things up, after the election & still blaming Trump for her bumbling or fkng things up….😉😉

  2. Well it’s about time. We have to follow the science and we have to follow the CDC recommendations which stated that it is perfectly permissible for schools to open if they take certain precautions. Clearly these precautions have been taken. Private schools and parochial schools have been open for the better part of this year. Many parents have moved their students from public to private or parochial schools so that they can continue learning. Millions of students in China, the home of COVID-19 are back in school in our learning.
    One of Joe’s campaign promises was to reopen business and get the kids back in school and it was most upsetting that these teachers were attempting to foment division and we’re not in unity so that American can get moving again.
    Let’s re-open schools Now because this long absence is hurting America and primarily decimating our minority youth.

  3. Please acknowledge the fact that Mrs. Karen Lewis, who used her platform to fight for the students, parents and educators of the Chicago Public School System, lose her fight to Cancer. May she Rest In Power.

  4. I don’t see what’s the problem here. Vaccinate the teachers and staff, open the schools, and make at-home learning an option if parents don’t feel it’s safe yet.

    1. they have to keep the nation closed so Jeff Bezos can continue to shut down small businesses and monopolize every industry.

  5. This lady literally said, *”Pledge allegiance to the New World Order.”* She said those exact words! Easy to find on YT.

  6. Wouw, this mayor…
    First lets riots go wild. Then blames Trump for the increase in crime.. Then goes after Trump for wanting to open schools, literally telling people to go after trump supporters.. But now, now it’s fine to be for those ideas, no need to make your people suffer and blame it on Trump..

  7. Thank goodness someone cares about the children! So sad that it was not the teachers or the teacher’s union. Plain scared? Get out of your ego!

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