Chicago Shooting Incidents Down Sharply | All In | MSNBC

Chicago Shooting Incidents Down Sharply | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. If trump want to test his theory, why doesn’t he walk down the south side and start calling people “my black friend.” Then we’ll see how long he keeps his racist mouth open.

  2. Just because the media isn’t reporting them doesn’t mean they’re not happening… for instance, the 13 people shot at one incident last week has yet to be mentioned…

    1. @Not Sure Look, I know that Trump is working overtime to fix America, but there are things which even he can’t fix. Forgive me for being sceptical.

    2. @Mind Freshener Trump is doing a wet turd to fix America. You are just too blind to see it 🙂 One could hope you would at least smell it…

  3. He speaks to the people that voted for him like they were all fools that he can just lie and they believe him with out checking for the truth. I have lived in NY for 60 years and I am a disabled veteran with 10 bullet holes. I remember that he said that if he would run for office that he would run on the Republican ticket because they are stupid and believe anything. Check, is in YouTube. But I know it is hard for many to do this when we have FOX News doing the devil’s work. Because saying a lie to disable people is very negative and bad. I’m a mental health therapist. My people, I know when someone is in need of therapy and they just don’t know this. I pray that God will not let this man keep fooling them with lies.may GOD bless you all and the truth will set us free one day.

  4. I hope this downward trend continues but I have my doubts.

    Whether it’s this talking head spouting one year statistics or the president continuing to mention the shootings is just ingestible fluff for the simpletons.

    1. It is a byproduct of the death toll not anything Chicago or Illinois has done John Suarez.
      So calling it an achievement may be a little ghoulish.

  5. Chicago shootings down 40% since TRUMP became the Chief Law Enforcement officer of AMERICA .. I’m sure this new stat is bad news for MSNBCannibals

  6. Trump only acknowledges 42% of America. The 58% majority have neither a president or a government that will work for us. The 58% need to vote blue for someone who will work for all of America.

    1. @Margaret Nicol I know that Bernie is one of several. His disadvantages are (1) that his supporters are unbearable twits and (2) Bernie is unlikely to survive to the next mid terms. The most important thing about a Bernie nomination is his running mate.

    2. @Margaret Nicol As you so ably demonstrate Bernie supporters rely on the inane chant XXXX2020. This chant is meaningless and can be filled in with Yang, Trump, Bernie, or Putin. Bernie supporters are as grievance driven as Trump supporters, which is the unbearable part. You tell me I’m wrong before you give me a chance to answer, which supports the authoritarian nature of you inclinations. I much prefer Klobuchar, Booker, Buttigieg, and Warren in no particular order. There is more thought and nuance than a group of people who call everything they don’t like corporate.

  7. 500 dead is not BETTER then 700 DEAD. CHICAGO is ANOTHER 💩 DEMORAT ran state. The CHICAGO PD fixed these numbers

  8. So A LOT of people aren’t killing each other out of Spite?? THAT IS AWESOME! #SeinfeldForever #IHeartSpite

  9. In Chicago, 2,664 people have been shot this year. That is 230 fewer than 2018.

    Good job everyone, keep up the good work!

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