Chicken Prices Going Up | TVJ Business Day – Jan 20 2022

Chicken Prices Going Up | TVJ Business Day - Jan 20 2022 1


  1. The government need to find a way to take some of the pressure off the poor , high cost of food electricity water etc , I hear the government said to work from home , how many peoples in Jamaica 🇯🇲 can work from their home ? And we wonder why crime is so high in Jamaica 🇯🇲? Everyone have their hands in the poor man pockets! The churches is taking money 💰 the schools etc this have to change!

  2. “Hold the prices on food” Prime minister Andrew Holeness this cannot work. Small farmer are being cut out of buying chicken they aren’t able to get the products to raise livestock. Hold the food prices families are poor.

  3. A $350 for chicken already where unu get that price from. NWC bill a rise next month JPS rise already but people pay still don’t move.

  4. Poor people stop take your money and fatten pastors! And their First lady! Buy food and feed your family 😊

  5. No wonder why my stomach was getting sick when I eat chicken. I guess my stomach sensed the price hike. People soon can’t even by sugar. Poor people getting rob from from all direction. SHAME!

  6. I Am employed and it so rough on me can you imagine the people who or not and the less fortunate poor people are been pressured from every angle we will not survive very long in this country and its all because of corruption and incompetence this country is not getting better its getting worse can you imagine a couple years from now crime and larceny will be true the roof

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