1. @Thrill House cops already have discretion to enforce the laws as the see fit and do it all the time. ie. Letting ppl off with a warning, 24 suspensions, separating spouses in a domestic dispute, etc.

    2. @fuzzy bib yes, and that’s wrong. What’s your point, that poor policing happened prior to the convoy? Wooooow, what a shocker 😲

  1. They were protesting in the capital…against the federal government…for an asinine, baseless medical requirement, arbitrarily decided by the federal government. The residents of Ottawa should be pissed!
    Pissed off against an imbecile Prime Minister for causing such a protest and even moreso for doing everything he possibly could do (and not do) TO MAKE IT WORSE!

  2. Any of the convoy protesters should sue this guy and the city of Ottawa for rights violations. Ottawa police chief is a stooge

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