Chief: 'Removing headstones is a crime in this country and we are treating this like a crime scene' 1

Chief: ‘Removing headstones is a crime in this country and we are treating this like a crime scene’


Chief Cadmus Delorme says removing headstones is a crime in Canada, and the unmarked burial site is being treated 'like a crime scene.'

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    1. Who’s everyone?? Lol Seriously, who has accused you of this horrific tragedy? Who’s pointing fingers at who?? Lol

    1. More information as to the full extent of the damage and loss of life, so that reparations and reconciliation can be made is needed before something like that would be called for. Canada isn’t alone with it’s atrocities in it’s dark past. America is dealing with it’s own as well. But as a Canadian, we need to learn more so that we may be able to show the proper respect, and make sure nothing like this happens again.

  1. 3 billion dollars, 2,800 per child has been paid out years ago. Do you really think they just stumbled upon these graves yesterday? The news had lied right to your face!!

    1. @Pixie Madness oh you don’t know about the HUGE SETTLEMENTS that have been paid out bc of the residential schools and day schools?? Research it

    2. @Virtual Asylum oh you mean the retribution the Canadian government has been fighting not pay out?? Lol yea I remember that.

    3. @Pixie Madness what are you talking about??? You are not aware of the settlements that have been paid out??? My partner is indigenous he just a $15,000 cheque bc he went a day school for ONE year…..his friend just recieved 250,000 for attending the day school….he got more bc he attended there longer…..and the residential school cheques were higher in some cases….much higher…I have known about one up to 500,000….so please know what you are talking about…your lack of knowledge is EMBARRASSING

  2. They need to reconsider calling it residential schools and call it what it was – child concentration camps.

  3. Empathy is needed. Put yourself in the shoes of those who were abused and treated as less than. Forget about the “theories” or what someone pulled from their butts “conspiracies”, to excuse this, instead imagine it happened to you and yours and how you would feel.

  4. I’m not surprised. But still heart broken for our indigenous communities. This is the beginning, keep telling your stories. We love you

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