Chief Spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris On Her Historic First 100 Days | MSNBC 1

Chief Spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris On Her Historic First 100 Days | MSNBC


Vice President Kamala Harris’s historic first 100 days, and what is next on the vice president’s agenda, including working on the immigration and border crisis, are discussed by Symone Sanders, Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Chief Spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris On Her Historic First 100 Days | MSNBC


  1. Wow, so dynamic, so vigorous, so electric, so HISTORIC. Think about all she has done in just a 100 days, like talking and… eh, er, ummmmm… Yeah, you go girl!

    1. Politicians do things by *_talking???_*
      Well, this is the first Bob is hearing of *_that!!!_*
      Also: Bob’s comment has nothing to do with her gender or race! How *_dare_* everybody think that!?!

    2. I think she is a inspiration to all feminists out there, she sucked her way right to the pinnacle of suckcess. Now I get to point this out on a regular basis. Thanks Kamala.

    1. @tom martinez if you feel sorry, why don’t you let me borrow your eyes. Oh no wait! I will see, speak, think like a Trumpster.

    2. @A Uumellmahaye What more the The mommy fly Pence. This man is a homophobic, racist, hypocrite towards his religion. Calls his wife mother and they both allowed and comply with all the nasty thing Trump said and did. You are just upset because President Biden and Vice President Kamala did way better in their 100 days than those two incompetent, crooks.

  2. Heels-Up Harris sure is proud of her historic first 100 days. She worked so hard and sacrificed so much to get where she is…

    ask Willie Brown

    1. @Dennie Saunders Don’t be scared to reply again, I swear I won’t clown you this time

    2. @Collective Vision Yea, right. She ran on a lie right up until her father spilled the beans and shamed her for using race politics. He was on national TV saying that He ISNT BLACK, he is Jamaican, and her mother isn’t Native American, she is from India. I wouldn’t be to proud of her with who she blew to get where she is and the lies she told to make herself look victimized.

    3. @Mark 15Vintage Jamaican is African lol wht you talking about? But however her father is “Biracial Black Man” “Half Irish” And “Half Black Jamaican” He’s not a “Pure Black Man” his mix but the “Mom” isn’t She Is Full “South Asian” which mean Kamala Harris only “Quarter Black” and “Quarter Irish” and then Rest 90% of her is “South Asian- Indian”

  3. She needs to finally get to work and head to our border.I live in border state Arizona and things have gotten worse the past 100 days and she refuses to even address the illegal immigration problem

    1. @Stephen Loflin that’s the problem with them being able to selectively edit what people post. They control the narrative.

    2. @M VB What BS, go look up the Gleiwitz incident of 1939, the dems used play right out of the nazi handbook.

    3. Wake up. Her and biden are the ones deliberately creating the border chaos so they can install Communism

    4. @Stephen Loflin If you spend less time here posting garbage and make a tiny effort to research things it’d made wonders to treat your ignorance.

  4. A six minute clip and all I have learned about her “historic first 100 days” are a lot of talking and honorific titles bestowed on her. Oh, and they gave away hundreds of millions of dollars.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 check the closest thing to your nose….so busy with hate and forgot to brush & floss

    2. @Alexia Hill I do think he won. To many variables dont add up. The major one is the friction from the left over the AZ audit. The left has said repeatedly that there was no fraud what so ever. If that is the case then this audit will prove them right.
      I just dont see how a 50 year swamp creature who’s only accomplishment is 2 failed presidential campaigns and the the 1994 crime bill got more votes then any president ever.
      If the AZ audit tells us no fraud is present I will gladly accept the results. Might not like them but I’ll accept them

  5. She perfected her cackling and nothing else. Thank God she had a mask on that night so we didn’t have to hear it.
    To do what is necessary! She hasn’t even showed up at the border and she never will. Come on man!

    1. So fraudulent, can’t even have a first female vp without the stain of fraud. What is worse she can only cackle.

    2. @A Uumellmahaye can’t even elect a legitimate VP, that’s whywriting so many executive orders, afraid it’s gonna all fall apart too soon. The dementia pills might wear out or Harris might not stop cackling.

  6. Historic for sure. Push to raise taxes, record spending, border crisis, and a huge push to delete constitutional rights. Job well done my friend job well done.

    1. @Donna Brockbank I don’t hope. I just live in reality. Reality is, they’ve been playing this game for a long time. I’m old enough to know.

    2. @Donna Brockbank Well that’s supposed to be true. Again, I know what I said. I know it’s hard to believe that these true, tax paying merican citizens would do such a thing (clutch your pearls) oh no, not commit fraud

    1. @Lando But if it were the other way around, you’d be using that as evidence she was actually doing something. Consider this a real life poll that shows MSM and the Biden regime that whoever is telling them the US is 54% approving of them is lying. We do NOT approve.

    2. @Terry Sprague Its easy to get a 54% approval rating if you only poll the dead and dumb. Now lets get some real numbers by going out and asking real people what they think. Even the left is starting to turn on biden and his gang of misfits.

    3. @Terry Sprague no because I’m not a dimwit like you who uses YouTube likes to justify anything knowing full well there are thousands of bot
      Comments. Keep grasping at straws if you want but Let’s be real please

    4. @Mark 15Vintage trump lost fair and square (excluding the documented cheating he did and he still lost)

    5. @Lando I’m quite real. Not a bot either. Funny that the fears of bots come from the dems. The ballot box stuffers.

      If you weren’t so afraid of the stuff that’s been pulled on independents and conservatives, we might trust you some more. MSM does not tell the truth. Have you ever been polled?

      Look how wrong they were about the hilarious clinton loss in 2016. You accuse me of being a dimwit, but you dems and your spending habits are going to bankrupt this country. You are allowing illegal aliens into the country so they can become the next generation of dreamers. I guess we gotta let them vote too, right? I’d suggest that you and your party will be the ruin of the United States and you are simply too stupid to think for yourself. Wait and see how Biden’s popularity turns out to be. You’ve been warned too.

  7. lmao Heels-Up Harris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it, good one. Captain Team Work lol

    1. Looks like she’s *_never_* going to get the prepubescent-sexists-vote!
      Maybe when you’re old enough to vote, you *_won’t_* be a vulgar moron who’s pitifully afraid of women.

  8. All those children at the border that she just uses for her own gain. It’s disgusting.

  9. I remember my first credit card! Hahahahaha it was charged off as “uncollected”. That’s how this administration is handling our tax dollars. OPM other people’s money

    1. Dems:care about racism (I’m a black dem btw)
      Also Democrats: we elect and support a president who worked with a KKK senator to oppose the integration of schools (ASK KAMALA ABOUT BUSING), who said that if blacks didn’t vote for him then they weren’t black (recent), imprisoned thousands of blacks with his crime bill, said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle.

  10. FunFact: Kamala Harris is more likely to go to Space than the Southern Border at this point

    1. You think NASA can rig the space ship for her to get stuck in space she’ll probably laugh then too

    2. Dems:care about racism (I’m a black dem btw)
      Also Democrats: we elect and support a president who worked with a KKK senator to oppose the integration of schools (ASK KAMALA ABOUT BUSING), who said that if blacks didn’t vote for him then they weren’t black (recent), imprisoned thousands of blacks with his crime bill, said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle.

    3. @John Dullano So true. Biden and Democrats also eulogized a KKK recruiting Senator that filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

  11. She laughs because she knows she got no delegates in the primaries and yet is now one heartbeat away.

    1. Just have a “D” next to your name and the media will tout you as Jesus Christ just for breathing.

  12. Her first “historic” 100 days were full of dodging the border crisis that she was put in charge of

    1. Now we have another crisis in San Diego with a boatload of illegal foreign nationals in our waters. It looks like three fatalities and 27 injured. Their boat came apart in heavy surf.
      Joe put our vice president in charge of the border crisis. She has not visited the tent city in which thousands of foreign nationals who have entered the country illegally are being housed. Both adults and juveniles are living in COVID-19 super spreader conditions. AOC called search living conditions concentration camps.
      Yesterday in Houston police discovered over 90 illegal foreign nationals crammed into a house. Now we have these deaths and injuries off the coast of San Diego. Clearly the blood of these unfortunates is on the hands of Kamala Harris and she needs to take action on this border crisis now.
      The best thing Joe can do is to send a clear message south of the border that only legal entry will be tolerated. All of those who are now in the United States illegally must be sent back to their home country quickly and now. We need to make a dramatic statement to keep others from risking their lives.

  13. They called it historic cuz she shouldn’t even be in the position she’s in right now

  14. “As I stand before you today it’s officially been 100 days without me visiting the boarder”

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