Child Abuse Report

This is part of the problem that has to be dealt with. Our attitudes. This is not about Mr. Martin. This is about a serious issue that needs addressing. Attempts to shift focus from the problem onto Mr. Martin and this other organisation (presumably the Catholic Church) are not at all helpful. What is the purpose of this issue with Mr. Martin and the Catholic Church? Are you saying that he has no right to speak out about child abuse in Dominica? Why? Are you saying that he can only speak out about child abuse if he also condemns the Catholic Church? Really? Should he not follow his faith (i.e., his relationship with God) because some members abused children? That is similar to saying he should renounce his Dominican citizenship or go about lambasting Dominica because some members of our society are child abusers. Should he disassociate himself from Dominica too? While these may be interesting issues to discuss, they are not at all relevant to the current problem in Dominica and Mr. Martin’s attempt to raise awareness.

The problem exists and the law needs to be more vigorously enforced. Forget about the messenger. Focus on the problem. Leave the debate about who should be the main proponent championing children’s cause for another day.

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