Children Of Covid Victim Seek To Honor Father's Memory 1

Children Of Covid Victim Seek To Honor Father’s Memory


Hilary and Jonathan Krieger, the children of late Neil Krieger, speak about their father’s incredible spirit, the pain grieving a Covid-related death during the height of the pandemic, and the ways they are working to add orbisculate, a word their father coined, into the dictionary.
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  1. Despite White House spin attempts, COVID 19 will go down as a colossal failure of the public health system of this country. The public health texts of the future will use this as a lesson on how not to handle a disease pandemic. The cause will be the incompetence and illogic of the Trump Administration.

    1. It was terrible how Trump’s iniatives created multiple vaccines and got them distributed in record time, saving incalculable lives.

    2. @I Know It – The tangerine doughboy had nothing to do with the rapid development of any vaccine. Pfizer/Biontech is in Germany, and already had the vaccine base. All they needed was the genome sequencing and they could start on testing. That would have happened regardless of the office holder.

    3. @Pookie Pookie Kittenpants Well, not really such an outstanding idea, to fund the development of vaccines during a global pandemic of a centruy.
      All governments with the means did invest, the first successfully developed vaccine (“pfizer”) came from Biontech/ Germany, funded by Merkel govt.

      But true, it´s a good thing, Trump did not obstruct the work of those amazing, world leading American scientists, who came up with several great vaccine options, and that´s a tremendous achievement. Their expertise will do so much good in the world, and hopefully bring us back on track.

      You only wish, Americans could have profited more from the expertise of their world renowned scientists, practitioners, experts.
      If only Trump had listened to their excellent advice, 100,000s of American could still be alive.
      But oh well. “It is, what it is” Trump chose to rather host a few covid galas instead and spread his lies and the virus on his MAGA superspreader rallies.

    1. @Sivo
      Awe semenov lubomirov
      That’s a weak pathetic attempt at projection komrade
      Try again you can do better little princess

    2. @Sivo
      Haven’t you made your quota yet?
      Keep trying little princess you can do it 👍🏻

    1. @Sivo
      Don’t understand English yet varko lubomirov?
      Hang in there little princess

  2. You’ll see a lot of emotive stories like this from MSNBC, but I wonder if they’ll support an investigation of those who created the virus in the first place?

    1. There’s still no proof that Covid19 was created in a lab. We all want to find out how it came to be, but jumping to conclusions is foolish. Don’t fall for right wing lies, they aren’t born out of facts or data.

    2. The entire world has a stake in identifying the origins of this virus. But, your conclusion that the virus was created in a lab, is a theory.

  3. I love the story about “Dad’s Word”. I will be on high alert whenever in the vacinity of both humans and citrus fruit. With hypervigilance I shall observe the interaction between fruit and human. And I vow to use the word orbisculate at every opportunity. 😊 Soon the word on the street is that orbisculate is a word, THE word that all the cool kids are using. ♥️

  4. Thank you for this GOOD story. So sick of all the bad news. You should take out every day talking about the nice things people do.

  5. Seems like money was more important than lives, especially with unit sales; “Six days before the tragedy, a 3 bedroom, 9th floor unit closed for $710,000. A few weeks prior a 4,500-square-foot penthouse closed for $2.8 million.”

  6. “COVID relted death” Did he get hit by a bus and then they gave his corpse a 100 cycle PCR test?

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