Children's Hospital New Orleans Preps For Weeks Without Power 1

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Preps For Weeks Without Power


Dr. Mark Kline, Physician-in-Chief of Children's Hospital New Orleans, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that he's "incredibly impressed" with his staff, which is in lockdown in the midst of a Covid surge and Hurricane Ida: "I don't think I have ever been prouder to be a pediatrician.”
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  1. Future republican generations are *quitting the game early!!*
    Oh noooo I guess *those 2022 midterms will be blue haha *

    1. Comment sounds right for a derp like yourself.
      Putin and Hitler also won by taking out the opposition. DNC calls this “election fortification”

    1. @Mary Beth I heard someone is writing a book of all trumpies lies volume nine will be available soon

    1. On the contrary, it is what it takes to help along Bidens plan for infrastructure. Maybe they‘ll finally manage to make your power lines storm proof. Power failures for more than half a day is nearly unknown here in Europe. I hope you all recover soon and come to your senses.

  2. Tremendous respect for health care professionals throughout this pandemic, and these New Orleans hospital staff were forced to take it to the next level. Hope they get some relief soon, and that the power company makes getting their electricity back a priority.

  3. Omgoodness this is insane. The richest country in the world.!???? And GOP don’t want to pass infrastructure bill smfh

    1. What does a hurricane have to do with politics? After Katrina, the federal government spent $14.5 billion on projects designed to enhance protection from storm surge and flooding in New Orleans and surrounding suburbs.

    1. A patient with Covid cannot have any visitors. I am not sure if an exception is made for pediatric patients. If so I am sure it would only be for one parent.

  4. Help evacuate fix the infrastructures bring waters foods take the people by busses trains to another states or sites states as soon as now !!!!!!!!

  5. Amazing story Lawrence. It’s brought me to tears and gives me even more faith, confidence, appreciation and reverence for these hospital workers and supporting staff than words can describe. Thank you as always for your educated and heart-felt interviews as always.

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