1. @Teressa Stuckey I’ve always took “woke”as hate speech for condemning others that are different, that which said person doesn’t agree with. It’s pathetic that people want to invoke laws dictating others beliefs and actions… Heads would explode if Christianity was treated the same way. Don’t come at me with religion is different from lgbtq your belief is a belief, you are who you believe you are.
      How dare you challenge sometimes beliefs while safeguarding your own. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    2. You do you realize you’re defending all the posters (or bots) who are laughing about this violent act and repeating “gay lover” disinformation re-tweeted by Elon Musk, right? IP addresses can be tracked and posters shut down or banned from platforms. That statement of fact sounds like “threatening violence” does it? Your own echo box needs more oxygen.

    3. Oh chill out. He didn’t get hit on his head with the hammer. He got hit on the head of his…………
      With the hammer. 😂

  1. They’re always sending their thoughts and prayers. That’s all they got. Nothing tangible. Nothing real.

    1. Prayers are hollow when they do not include DEEDS! Traumatic Brain Injuries are life-changing. He may recover but what about the rest of his life…

    1. @ltdc this some random grab of a report from 2005 to 2015:
      We estimate 430 unintentional firearm fatalities in the United States per year. The rate is highest for older children to young adults, ages 10 to 29, and the vast majority of the victims are male. Common circumstances include playing with the gun (28.3% of incidents), thinking the gun was unloaded (17.2%), and hunting (13.8%). The victim is suspected to have consumed alcohol in nearly a quarter of the deaths and in 46.8% of deaths among those aged 20–29.

      So my point is we can make seat belts and helmets mandatory because they won’t kill you. Guns unintentionally kill, on average, more than one person a day in the USA. Then there is deliberate familiacide and suicide by gun. Waay too common to make guns mandatory. I never heard of anyone bludgeoning their family with a crash helmet or hanging themselves by the neck on a seatbelt and chucking a brick on the accelerator.
      I have had morbid fun responding to your original comment. Thankyou.

    2. @ Mordo Samsonite
      You’re such a Hater you can’t even stay on topic!
      People like YOU are definitely the source of a lot of our problems!

    3. @Geman52 Talk about kettles calling pots black…
      How far are you willing to sink to absolve Trump of his lies. He said pleading the 5th is admitting guilt, in civil cases pending the 5th can, and often is, taken as an indication of guilt. In civil matters, a preponderance of guilt is all that is needed for a guilty verdict as opposed to “beyond reasonable doubt” as in criminal cases.
      Your hate comes from feeling you have to defend Trump against reasonable people expecting reasonable behaviour. There is no hate from people expecting a just outcome, just sadness for those that are confused, as you, obviously, are and the effect you and yours are having on our country.

    1. Democrats and the fake News media never let a tragedy go to waste especially 10 days to an election 🤣 laughable I swear…

      America is laughable at this point 👉🏾 When it happens to a republican it fine but when it happened to a Democrats it a conspiracy theory 🤦🏽‍♀️ America is a complete joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. What is Paul Polosis favorite thing to when he’s Not ” insider trading”?

      If you answered Getting Hammered you are right

    3. Which part ? the part about using a b.s. story lying to the public for a political narrative.. Vote for Kari Lake as Araizona’s next Govenor!!!

  2. You have to let them know hitting someone in the head with a hammer is attempted murder. It is not a game.

    1. @NeEd InPuT Why do you believe these things to be true? Because you would like them to be? Shouldn’t you require proof before believing everything you read and hear? Oh. Wait. You still believe the election was stolen. Perhaps some therapy, medication or education in logic is called for? Maybe a lobotomy would be simpler – very little for the surgeon to remove to begin with.

    2. @Steve Barnes Hahahahahahahaha this coming from, let me guess, a woke progressive Pedo Biden stooge. Am I right. Or shall I rather say the policies of a regressive.

      It is not about me It is about the millions of Americans who are affected by the excessive crimes on a daily basis, architected by the Democrats, who are willfully blind because of their fascist woke ideology. You then have the intellectually challenged degenerates who follow them around like rats running after the Pied Piper.


  3. Anyone who feels they have the right to beat up a 82 year old needs a mental health intervention urgently.

    1. @Tom thumb
      DePape (The attacker) had a HISTORY of mental instability and posted CONSPIRACY THEORIES online. That GAY stuff is just more CRAZY TALK.

  4. I wish those chopper photographers would stop with the detailed closeups of the Pelosi house and street. Don’t give future wannabe attackers this kind of information….. not to mention the violation of their privacy at a particularly vulnerable time.

    1. It’s all right at Trump’s house though right my god you Americans are so single minded there all peace’s of 💩👌 but you all get fooled by your own team and believe the msm 😴

  5. Anyone who commits violence or encourages violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where’s that indictment and when is it coming ?

    1. @AldousHuxley’s Ghost So… You’ve watched a what, 45 second (?) news story, and now you’re suddenly an absolute expert on this crime. Without questioning the suspect, reviewing any security footage, doing any forensic examinations, no background investigation on the suspect, and yet you know everything that there is to know. And yet you attempt to patronize anyone who doubts your iron hard and flawless analysis. Dude, look up the Dunning-Cruger effect.

    2. @Kathy Godfrey I don’t need to be fed more lies. I know where America (and the the world) is headed. I only need to be grounded in the word of the Lord as we enter the time of judgement and the reign of Antichrist. Once we’re at the final judgement, we’ll find out which of us is the Dunning-Krueger case. I’ll be the one in the balcony, containing laughter as God dropkicks you into a pit of eternal fire and torment

    3. @AldousHuxley’s Ghost for your info, the Dunning-Cruger effect is when someone knows a small amount about a topic, and assumes that they are an expert.

  6. McCarthy: “Violence or threats of violence have no place in our society”
    Also McCarthy: “Jan 6th what? Look away. Nothing to see here. Democrat hoax!”

    1. Likely Paul Pelosi let the attacker in. January the 6th most of the protesters were allowed to enter the capital building by the capital police.. it was recored on multiple recordings but nothing to see , say

    2. @James Enger I seen it on another you tube video. Just Google it and ask if Paul Pelosi was with a gay prostitute. Evidently he had a young guy with him when he wrecked his car also. There are all kinda news reports about this and they were in their underwear when the police showed up too.

  7. How many more people have to pay for that man’s lie. I hope it was worth it he’ll probably never see the light of day again.

  8. Disgusting and disgraceful… Society has become unhinged… thinking back 30 year’s ago how things were… seems every time we look at the head lines there is more tragedy and insanity…

    1. @psongman33 yup those left wingers are smart. They go on fox news and post hate speech and then go to cnn and complain about how bad those right wingers are

    2. @peterpam Go ahead Sherlock, unravel the mystery for us…… then go back to school and learn how to spell.

  9. Hope he’s okay, just hope that Democrats will see that their dangerous policies which are soft on crime lead to countless preventable assaults on a daily basis.

  10. There are certain things in life that I do not do, such as driving over the speed limit, because I know the consequences could be painful, like paying a hefty fine and having my insurance rates skyrocket. But so far those who for political reasons brandish weapons or espouse hateful speech have not had to pay. Is this because there are no laws against such, or are there laws but law enforcement have been unwilling to pursue such action because they don’t consider it a “significant” crime? I think we now see that there is significance to these crimes and we should all pressure our lawmakers and law enforcement officers to make sure the anti-society perpetrators pay.

    1. I wish that were true because there aren’t that many demented cowards running around. But there are plenty of crazy MAGA QAnon creeps out there who would act out easily.

    1. @Paul Uttermohlen just go listen to the call to the police. He was a friend of Paul. this story has more to it..

    2. @Gan That would be amazing if any of it were true. I’d bet since you are one of those conspiracy theory people who think media that uses real sources to report from is really propaganda that your “research” consists of uncorroborated opinions and feelings rather than any verifiable facts. Somehow you’ve elevated yourself from below average to someone in the know just because you can find other ill-informed conspiracy nuts online. If there was someone in need of a clue, it most certainly is you. Take a look at yourself. Listen to the crazy things you are claiming. You have NO first hand knowledge of anything yet you are convinced that it is all true based on how you feel. Frankly, I don’t know how people like you get through a normal business day. I’m sticking with the Wall Street journal and the Washington Post on this one instead of some rando named “GAN” who doesn’t have a clue as to what research is. The fact is the assailant in this attack was a MAGA radical who was looking to harm Nancy Pelosi. Yes he is a nudist. Yes he has radical liberal ideas in addition to his radical MAGA philosophy. Your fairy tail about vibrating hammers is just a reflection of your embarrassment that there are such stupid people is your violent and misguided movement. You have to question where you are in your life when you have to fabricate such elaborate and strange stories to cover for your embarrassment. Look around and you will find that MAGA is the most un-American criminal movement in our entire history. This crime is just one of many that can be chalked up to MAGA with no doubt more to come when Orange Hitler gets arrested.

    3. @Justbeingme This is how and why these people are truly deplorable. They care nothing of facts. It’s only about what feels the most cruel thing to say.

    4. @Paul Uttermohlen the 911 dispatch call is all over the internet, Pauly referred to David as his “friend” your not gonna find it on Fake News networks, they are is emergency suppression mode, also the neighbors were interviewed on local SF news this guy is a known leftist nudist

    5. @Vlad the Inhaler he was affiliated with the green party in 2013. Remember how the MEGA party is always celebrity left wingers that left the party. Well this guy is one of them and lately has been sharing Mike Lindell election conspiracy theories, and Quanon posts.

  11. Whatever anyone thinks of their political rivals, they are fellow humans and the actions of this man are at the very bottom of human behaviour. As a husband and father myself, I can’t even imagine the horror and bewilderment that Nancy P and the rest of her family are experiencing just now.
    I suppose the only upsides are that the bloke was armed with a hammer rather than a gun and that Mr P is making a recovery from his injuries.

    1. @Liam McCByrne Didn’t your guys storm The Capitol and look for Nancy to murder her? Did I not hear them say they wanted to murder her?

      Are your guys not threatening civil war?

      Such non-violent people who would not harm a fly! Why would ANYONE think that they would harm anyone?

      Your guys are showing up at drop boxes with guns. Your guys are showing up at state capitols with guns. Your guys are showing up at bookstore Drag Queen Story Hour for CHILDREN with guns.

      Your guys have just been convicted of conspiracy to kidnap, torture and execute Governor Whitmore!

      No Democrat played politics with the Steve Scalise shooting. There was instant condemnation for the Bernie Sander’s supporter who did that.

      And that is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats may be flawed human beings but Republicans these days are either monsters, supporters of monsters.

      I watch from my “shithole” island as my prime minister and members of parliament walk around freely with no threats of violence and wonder which country is actually the shithole?

      Are we angry at them? Oh YES! Do we contemplate hitting them in the head with hammers?

      OH NO! You guys are a disgrace! No better than cave men! In modern times, a great civilisation is not one with skyscrappers. A great civilisation is one in which the vast majority of citizens has evolved away from unnecessary violence.

      You guys revel in it!

    2. @Donna Harewood It’s all over the internet. Pictures of his house with a BLM sign, a pride flag, a pot sign…. his social media posts say he was into transhumanism, which is a tenet of the church of Scientology, the guy was as a nudist, Paul Pelosi calls him a friend in the 911 call….

    3. @Donna Harewood It’s been leaked, supposedly by responding officers, that they were both in their underwear..

  12. That good his recovery is getting better wonderful no one should suffer any hurt and horrible pain. That wasn’t respect for the elderly. With no mercy. He will be alright. We heard the good reports from his wife that is still good news day by day.

  13. Your home is your safe haven away from the world. Someone coming into your home is very traumatizing. Gives you violated feeling. You never feel safe again. Hoping for a speedy recovery, mentally & physically❤

    1. @Dave Ayala Sounds like Paul’s friend, David, was there for comfort while Nancy was away. When a tussle broke out between the two it was time to cover up the situation with a fabrication. A break in? Nope!
      Also… hammer or… dildo?

    2. @Joaquin Valadez why were they both in their underwear. And do you know what elder abuse means as a charge. They knew each other bud open your eyes. Or maybe you can enlighten me

  14. This, as a wife- rocks me to my core. I hope from here on out they never experience anything but joy and happiness. Love and Good Health Wishes to the Pelosi family.

  15. When do we get access to the body cams and the dispatcher call. I’d like to see how they match up with the police chief report. Also based on his charges – elderly abuse – that means he knew the family – HOW? Also, surely the house had security cams. Shouldn’t CNN “reporters” be asking for these details?

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