1. I hope the Chinese people stay safe from their CCP government !
    I remember the last time they rose up against the tyranny 😑.

    1. their government has no qualms about making a few thousand up risers “disappear” – same here in America – although they do it on the down low

    2. @David Eby january 6th there were 2 million on the streets of washington and a lot of them were armed. here we have conditioned sheep with pieces of paper? the CCP will kill a million of them if necessary to keep their power. the citizens anger will evaporate quick when the shooting starts. one silver lining. they”re not likely to try to take taiwan while this is happening.

    3. get the basics right, it’s CPC..what a joke, making a comment and you don’t even know who your commenting about….

    4. @whitegirlchinesepenis. com wu mao. Did dr Sun died for nothing? Are you still a imperial CCCP subject?

  2. I’m very proud of Chinese citizens who stood up. It takes true courage to demand to be respected in a dictatorship.

    1. @Cynical Dude going against cop, going against unnecessary covid restrictions or voice against CCP etc in China such people will disappear never to be seen again

  3. OMG how they’re going in apts, locking buildings, babies cry 😭 for mother as kops as.sau.lt her. The 🌎 done if no change for basic human rights. When you think u got it bad, somewhere there are others in worse predicaments. 🙏🏼 to all the oppressed 💔

    1. @Erik Peterson It is even harder for a man to speak none native language. This man is a native speaker but not a Chinese.

    2. About 300 deaths happens now after 1.1 million deaths in US. China has three times more population and living more crowded. But only little more than 5,000 deaths happened in China. China is much safer than in US.

    3. @Ann An ..thx …the protests happened, the fact that people held up blank paper happened , the fact that large numbers of police shut it down happened, …when governments shut down dialogue and expressing ideas then inovation and progress is hampered …..at any rate another example that will have global impact is upcoming in the USA and large protests in the street are not a part of the PLAN nor any violent action.

      cheers and best ✌ 🌎

  4. It’s crazy how these people are so afraid of their government that they don’t want to be seen on camera.

    1. @INDIA SUPER CLEAN 🇮🇳 Indian soldiers killed some Chinese soldiers on your border a few years ago. Thank you India! I wish my government, the United States, gave you millions of dollars as a reward for ridding the world of a few Communists! Way to go! Stand against the evil of China! India doesn’t onlt talk useless words against China, India gets results!

  5. I can only hope that this is a spark of something great for the Chinese people. It may take years but keep fighting you’ll get there.
    Everone deserves freedom.
    Sending love and support from the States 🇺🇲 🇨🇳

    1. Freedom to die? About 300 Americans die of Covid-19 every day after 1.1 million deaths in US. Opening in China might cause 10 times deaths in China. It is a murder. A woman was charged because she didn’t stop her former boyfriend when he threatened her to die after she separated him.

    2. @Sam Man
      You mean US made “89 Region Change’? China leader already knew the predator was US, but they tried to save the face for the debased US, and kept quiet. It fell flat, just as another US made “Region Change White Paper” lasted for 3 days only. None of the US dirty tricks against China worked at all. it all Back-Fired burned the US to the hell. Now US beg China save their necks again as in 2008 after China gave the US billions, the wild dog turned around bite China Merciless. Good Luck, you need it.

    3. @Ang PS My dear, The US fake Democratic of Freedom to die for Covid 19 over one millions and escalated by days. But US fear to report as a number one winner die for Freedom.

    1. @f.b.l.9813  I hope you get a slice of the pie from the US Department of Misinformation. That is all there is to western democracy, any day. Let them have the Millions.

    2. So CNN, trying to figure out how to pull the same bullshit in the US??? Because you all wanted us to be locked down for months until we started protesting like crazy here!

    3. @Ann An laughable. Every single one of those thousands of people risked their lives for just $150?? Not a single one was genuinely distressed, fed-up, and desperate for change? Always easier to blame foreign agents and pesky VPNs than admit the truth.

  6. They should have two phones, a cheap one they take with them out in public that has no VPN/protest information/pictures, and their main phone that always stays at home.

  7. I love the Chinese people! Sending you courage strength and love from Chicago. Don’t give up. Stand up. Stand tall. Let freedom ring. Let democracy reign

    1. And the Chinese people stand with the government. I can’t say enough about the GOP or the Democrats, whichever one is in government.

    1. A few thousand Chinese youth mainly, protesting. Isn’t a giant. In a population of 1.4 billion. They are less than 0.01% of the population who protested.

    2. A giant herd of sheep is still a herd of sheep. they have zero power to affect real change. the CCP will sacrifice a million of them to preserve their power and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. now, if these sheep start raiding military armories and arming themselves it will be a different story….

  8. I really don’t know how change is going to come to China, this really is 1984 come to life and the power of the state is completely overwhelming.

    1. CNN’s report has been so biased. The local residents would never scream “Freedom, Democracy”, they would curse at the Zero Covid policy and ask for changes to the implementation. The reality is just not what CNN described. The so-called organizers pretended to be locals but doesn’t know a word of the local dialect.

    2. Yep… And every year, the brainwashing and control tightens. It will be like North Korea x 100 in a decade if it keeps going down this path.

      This next 10 years is going to be pretty wild, not only for China, but for the world.

  9. You know how frightening it is when they go to the extent of checking people’s phones in public spaces if they are using a VPN or not.

    1. @Jagung oh come on. Their cameras don’t watch peoples phones, and their monitoring only happens once a photo or video has been uploaded.

    2. My agency said I will earn $150 after join this protest movement in Beijing.But only $15 at last.

      I was tricked.

    3. @Brian Crofts That’s the purpose of WeChat. WeChat is what 100% of Chinese people use…and guess what? It’s government controlled. They own your device if it is installed. (that’s why the US govt. blocked it)

  10. I was in Shanghai during the 75 day quarantine in April. When those quarantine centers started, that’s when I started to see normally patriotic Chinese citizens get scared.

    They were also commonly separating parents from their children. My friend was quarantined (in a Hotel luckily) for 3 days, and his wife was quarantined at her job, and the 1 year old baby was left at home. Nobody quarantining them cared. He had the money and was able to get a nanny over to the child, but still, that is not an ok thing to do…

    1. At the beginning of the pandemic my country also had a policy of government quarantine centers for those infected with covid. Fortunately they changed that policy after a while and allowed infected people who were not severly ill to quarantine at home. In the beginning i wasn’t worried of becoming severly ill from an infection but of being brought to a government quarantine center if i was covid positive.

  11. I’ve watched Erin for about half a year now – and I can safely say of all the TV hosts/journalists I’ve seen on American TV channels here on youtube (there are very many) – I live here in Latvia – she’s the one who is most compassionate, most involved, most interested and the one who most steps into the shoes of those she speaks of. I mean – it’s so easy to see. TV hosts, especially in US, but also in other large, safe, relatively well-off countries like Germany, UK, France, etc. – their attitude could be “ahh, couldn’t care less – it’s my job to speak about these people – but deep down I’m here in my country in my villa with my SUV worrying about my terrier being hairclipped properly at the saloon” – not so with Erin. When painful, dreadful stuff takes place (we can for the most part thank Vladimir Putin for that recently – but also other places, like now in China) – her way of carrying herself reflects all that. It’s just so refreshing and great to see – that humanity – wherever it finds place on earth – echoes humanity. I think the world needs journalists like her, now maybe more than ever. If you ever read this, Erin – well done, keep on doing what you’re doing. Best wishes from Latvia.

    1. When Europeans have no neo-imperialism ambitions, they do not have problems with the world. But they do. The problems lie with the cultural make-up of the West. – not Russia, not China. The Asians, for the most part, could give a damn about the Europeans. It is the Europeans who are imposing on themselves what needs to be done about Russia and China. The fault rests solely on them.

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