1. If you ever feel useless just remember. It took 20 years , 4 presidents and trillions of dollars to replace the Taliban with the Taliban

    1. @César Sanchez trump was going to pull all troops out by December and they convinced him to let Biden deal with the aftermath. Trump himself has said he pulled the troops put and there was nothing Biden could do. Blaming biden is just partisanship.

    2. @Andres Herrera I don’t understand your reply. I made a rebuttal (I think a sound one) to an argument you made, and it’s based in facts, so you’re welcome to rebut it as well.

    1. The media are literally the origin of these chaos and death. Them telling all these horror stories of Taliban is why these ppl got so scared and desperately trying to escape and got killed, by American soldiers

    2. What alternative does the U.S. military have now. Send in 50,000 troops to invade and street fight the Taliban in Kabul? Start bombing Kabul and killing thousands of people including those with SIVs? Just what do people expect the military to do at this point?

    3. @Robin oh please Biden reversed so many of Trumps decisions and orders it’s not funny. This debacle is his alone to own.

    4. @Phillippa C. Trump reduced U.S. troop levels from about 13,000 to 2,500 which is what Biden had when the Taliban took over Kabul.

    5. @Kan Ding
      What do you expect the media to say? That everything is wonderful in Afghanistan? No one is dying?
      My question to you is, who TF do you think you are saying bs like that?
      Damn trumpturd!

  2. Crazy how far from reality we’ve become today. Praying for everyone today. This video just reminded me of how blessed we are, and what I call problems don’t fit the reality of what others are dealing with.

    1. The U.S. military controls the airfields. It only needs to arrange 50 flights to take 14,000 people away in one day. However, the U.S. and Europe did nothing except take photos for “propaganda.”

    2. @Slothy So white men are once again to blame. LMFAO Its amazing being born in the early 90s how many people ive been able to oppress while making no money and being told i dont qualify for jobs because of my skin color.

    3. @Damien Earth You are making to much sense. Let their be a couple protests against the military industrial complex and the very day they happen a black guy would be shot and it would be all over the news and we would be back to fighting each other. You can always propagandize half the poor to killing the other half. We get what we deserve.

  3. after this, no one would ever trust a word said by the American government when it comes to alliances first they back stabbed the Kurds now this Who in their right minds would even consider America an ally. we are just burning bridges one after another.

    1. @- Taiwan is part of China anyway, is not it?? Just a little free-er, no?? But they are Chinese by decent – are they not??

    2. Abandoned the Kurds? ISIS was defeated. The land was given back to the Kurds. We don’t owe them anything. They also won’t be slaughtered.

    3. @XxZeroxX 0702 we dot owe them anything, i can tell u never served a day in your life, I did 8 years and during the 1st Iraq war we promised them help in getting their own territory and when the war was over we abandoned them , but they stayed loyal to our alliance then when turkey started pushing them out of their homes we again abandoned them so they turned to the Russians, do not speak on things u don’t know

    1. Talk to the white liberal women that think they know what is best for ALL women or BIPOC.

      The White Liberal women are the problem with their self-righteousness.

    2. Do they get emotional about melanated children in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore being shot and killed. Are they emotional about the ex American idol that DCFS took her breast feeding baby and toddler…..
      WoW and that’s right in their back yard…Do they get emotional when talking about how our ancestors just a generation ago were being lynched, killed and terrorized…..

      We cant get out….we are here living in fear…

      I’m sympathetic but that is their life…tell that to all the men and women and families that have lost loved ones at the hand of these same people …after 20years they should have been able to get THEIR country together.

  4. I want to see all governments of NATO countries facing criminal charges for this, this is a crime against humanity and they should all be on trial in the Hague.

    1. @Ben Younger NATO allies have occupied Afghanistan for 20 years. Hope that explains things for you.

  5. The Taliban will deal mercilessly with a lot of afghans. My prayers are with them. America should have pulled out systematically.

    1. @James Knott lmao wrong keep trying!! Trump deal was to get everyone out then the military by May. Biden wanted to do it his way and no we have Americans missing and every country ready to never work with us again. You tried and failed

    2. @John Steiner Because you’re wrong means nothing. Biden didn’t listen to his intelligence agency, left Allies and Americans behind with no where to turn. I’m sure you support this failed clown

  6. And a few years later we all clutch our pearls and “DON’T UNDERSTAND!” when the unforseen consequences of this neverending f# ups come to bite us in the arss

  7. It’s disgusting and shameful how unreliable American promises have become. It’s heartbreaking to watch and hear the stories of the ones who relied on these promises!!!

  8. “We defeated Soviets in Afghanistan, with the help of USA. And we will defeat USA in Afghanistan, with the help of USA.’ —General Hamid Gul of Pakistan army. 😂😂😂😂

  9. Taliban held courts? If I was stuck in Afghanistan I’d write a letter so I might be able to get out as well. Sadly, the Taliban will go back to business as usual. They run a tight ship.

  10. God know, i am here feeling frustrated over the Covid lockdowns, but seeing this, and hearing that poor lady. I really don’t have it that bad. Those poor children and their families. It really is wrong how it all went down.

  11. Taliban: We are turning over a new leaf, we won’t hurt you if you helped the US, we promise.
    Everyone else:

  12. “….God willing.” What a joke.
    We’re going to have to send troops again to escort everyone that needs to get out. This is a tragic mess.

  13. I said right after this conflicted kicked off that it was a fool’s errand and nothing good would come of it. As soon as my time was up, I got the hell out of the military and never looked back.

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