China denies report that Uyghur children are being held in boarding schools

China is denying a report partially commissioned by the BBC that children of detained Uyghurs are being held in mass boarding schools. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.

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    1. It is so ironic china investing in all these muslim countries But muslim country seems to care about china killing uyghur muslims

    2. No soap, no water, the Internet is expensive… it’s very, very bad, but it’s going to get worse.
      God will punish America for the grace on blood, leaving in it only feeble-minded savages.

    3. @jesus lopez Do you know what a RHINO is? I doubt it. That’s why nothing got done. That won’t be the case after 2020 when the great RED Tidal Wave washes the DemonRats and RHINOs away……FOREVER!

    4. Europe must build reeducation camp because so many refugee go to europe and goverment dont know how their background. China building so good n clean, not like camp in europe

    1. It’s CNN (American) but shows footage from BBC (British) and quotes an independent report by German.

      In short, its fake borrowed news.

    2. Miles Young these are chinese government bots if you click on the profile you can see these are fake

  1. You would easily assume this is a story that’s taking place in the United States. Especially considering the fact that this country has continuously marginalized women and people of color. But hey not much can be expected of a president that admires brutal authoritarian regimes. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Truth hurts.

    1. @CandyGirlタ♡高橋
      America and most of the EU, Russophobes, and Russophobia includes fascism, racism and Nazism. So, you can easily prove that almost any of them is a racist.
      Not to mention the CNN, which are ardent Russophobes in fact.
      There are also statistics of Russophobia from different countries.

    2. I’m more than sure that 96% of people who read my comment now have their teeth burst with anger, just because I’m Russian.
      So, it makes no sense to focus only on a single personality of racist degradation.

    3. @mct _ you would think the United States would want to get along with Russia, considering Russia is the nuclear superpower in the world now…

    4. @who da bruh
      No, I don’t think so.
      American doctrinal documents refer only to the hegemony of the nation. She will not tolerate any under the sun, on equal living conditions.
      Right up to what will bring a snake into your house, under cover of night.

    1. @Roger Out good to hear from you! Yes, after months of stalling and manufacturing a crisis on American soil the Democrats relented. However, Ocrazio-Kotex voted nay again, and has more photo shoots at an empty parking lot booked.

    1. Which forced labor camp allows recreational activities like painting?
      Which forced labor camp allows its people to go home during the weekends?

    1. @Ciara ooh It’s stops I’m 2020 if people get off their backsides and vote Forest Trump out.

  2. The Koo Koo show G, Saw D, a Ray, be Ian, and you know who Cry’s T is. Me I am a real Baal Baby.

  3. ‘commissioned by the BBC’ – That Paragon of righteousness, that World Renowned defender of Children. Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Chris Denning, Stuart Hall, Operation Yewtree,

    1. @DivineHeresy Somebody didn’t read past the first paragraph.

      “Over 20 years ago, Mulligan proposed that there was just one migration from Beringia into the “New World”. She came to this conclusion by analysing the genetic variation in the DNA of modern-day Native Americans and comparing it with the variation in Asia. The same rare pattern appeared in all the Native Americans she studied, but very rarely appeared in modern-day Asians. This meant Native Americans likely arose from a single population of people who had lived in Beringia, isolated for many years”

    2. @DivineHeresy “2015, a study using more advanced genetic techniques came to a similar conclusion. Rasmus Nielsen of the University of California, Berkeley, US, and colleagues found that the “vast majority” of Native Americans must have originated from just one colonisation event”

    3. @DivineHeresy “There’s been no turnover or change in the population group as some people had previously hypothesised,” says Nielsen. In fact, about 80% of Native Americans today are direct descendants of the Clovis people, who lived across North America about 13,000 years ago. This discovery came from a 2014 genetic study of a one-year-old Clovis boy who died about 12,700 years ago”

  4. Most people in Mainland China don’t discuss this topic, and know it’s happening.
    That’s why theirs a don’t discuss politics rule……

    1. Not true. A white guys telling me a chinese guy, whats going on in China. America and all her allied making propaganda to strike China again.

    2. They are always worried about talking about this and many other taboo subjects the govt will punish you or your family somehow, anybody who denies this regime is a tyranny has never lived there or is so close minded and has never seen the outside world (not visited but lived and mixed with), who has never dealt with the business end and mass corruption at all levels. CCP can never be trasparent with its citizens , if it was , their citizens would remove them.

  5. The funny thing is, this is exact the same thing what the colonialists did to the native americans and the aborigines

  6. Now China does not care about the arrogance and prejudice of the West, and it is very good to do China’s own affairs.

  7. Many truly didn’t know the extent of depravity the Nazi’s sank too…Not everybody, but many didn’t know until after the war.
    Now that won’t be said when it comes to the Chinese…yes some will turn the other way no doubt…BUT WILL YOU BE ONE?

  8. hmmm sounds extremely familiar, sounds sort of the same thing happening at the border. seems like China and the USA have something in common

  9. And what’s wrong with that ?
    Even the Yanks want the native Americans to be part of their society too. In fact the Yanks too away the children of native Americans and put them in white homes !

    As Louis La Rose (Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska) testified:
    “I think the cruelest trick that the white man has ever done to Indian children is to take them into adoption court, erase all of their records and send them off to some nebulous family … residing in a white community and he goes back to the reservation and he has absolutely no idea who his relatives are, and they effectively make him a non-person and I think … they destroy him.”

    1976 study by the Association of American Indian Affairs found that 25 to 35 percent of all Indian children were being placed in out-of-home care. Eighty-five percent of those children were being placed in non-Indian homes or institutions. In a response to the overwhelming evidence from Indian communities that the loss of their children meant the destruction of Indian culture, Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978.

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