China fires missiles off Taiwan coast in military drill after Pelosi visit | USA TODAY #Shorts

China fires missiles off Taiwan coast in military drill after Pelosi visit | USA TODAY #Shorts 1


  1. In America’s tongue: this is just normally military drill, Taiwan has no reasons to be offended, and if Taiwan takes any counter measure, it’s totally Taiwan’s fault for raising regional tensions.

  2. I personally think that this spaghetti should be mixed with 42 concrete, because the length of this screw, it is easy to will directly affect the torque of the excavator you know it, you smash into it, a moment it will produce a large number of high-energy protein, commonly known as ufo, will seriously affect the development of the economy, and even the entire Pacific Ocean as well as the charger will cause a certain amount of nuclear pollution, you know ah? Furthermore, according to this hook theorem, you can easily deduce that the artificially bred Tojo Eiki it is possible to capture the wild trigonometric function, so that whether this Qin Shihuang’s cut is radioactive ah, Trump’s N times whether it contains precipitates, do not affect this Wal-Mart and Velcom rendezvous in the Antarctic.

  3. Thank you Sleepy Joe and special thanks to your Handlers for turning this planet upside down in only 2 short years.

  4. China – Hands up Taiwan
    Taiwan – NO
    China – *Fires missiles in the air and gives last warning*

  5. the Speaker maintains
    order, manages its proceedings, and governs the administration of its business. Manual Sec. 622; Deschler Ch 6 Sec. Sec. 2-8. The major
    functions of the Speaker with respect to the consideration of measures on the floor include recognizing Members who seek to address the House. Her duties do not extend to world affairs …

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