China flexes military muscle amid global coronavirus pandemic

As the world is distracted by the Covid-19 pandemic, China appears to be making bold military moves on multiple fronts, causing experts to warn of the tension between the US and China. CNN's David Culver reports.

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  1. US: “China is flexing military muscle in its own territory while we are putting our military everywhere in the world!”

    1. South China Sea isn’t their own territory, they want the territory to themselves, taking it from other Asian countries. China is the bully of Asia.

    2. @Alex Guzman “Chinese restaurants are all over the world.
      ” Yeah, I see big chinese nuddle boxes marching the streets.

  2. Oooooh. China flexes military muscle. Must have lemonlips andersonpooper and mrs. Steltzer in a cold sweat. Their puppet daddy flexing muscle i mean..💪😀💪

    1. @northerniltree We know, every other country that fielded carriers did the same thing, but we all stopped being stupid and realized the advantages of being able to have planes taking off and landing *at the same time, woah*

    2. Republicans have been warning people about this for at least a month…. Democrats are too stupid to realize the crap going on… They only cared about how Trump did this or that but never why…..

  3. The belt and road initiative doesn’t seem to be far enough along for China to know they’ll win against us. They just flexing

    1. If China thought they could beat the US in a military conflict we`d be at war already. I dont think we should wait till then. Something should be done about China. Regime change is in order. They are leading the world to a dark future. Look how theyve already destroyed the worlds economy and killed hundreds of thousands with their irresponsibility.

  4. They probably headed to Seattle and claim settlement on 6 blocks 😂😂😂🤣😂 What a riot!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Minute 1:10— “China is flexing it military power (implied today). Last year, …” Wait what? … “The best news, is bad news.” -The bad guy from that James Bond movie.

  6. They don’t need conventional weapons, COVID 19, fentanyl, money laundering, real estate manipulation and on and on. China is on the move. They want the world.

    1. They did, looking at their covid numbers, even if cooked… Compared to the most exceptional country’s statistics… (°▄°)

    2. They dump as much turd into the water as America does. Actually since they are most populated they dump more dumps.

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