China funding street-light project in Dominica

Dominica is implementing a US$34-million solar street-light project with assistance from China, Public Works Minister Rayburn Blackmore has said.

He said the 33-month project would involve installation of 4,851 solar street lights across the country, and that Beijing would be providing 2,500 of those lights.

“The prime minister has been able to use his good office to seek funding and assistance from The People’s Republic of China. We are in the process of launching a comprehensive national street lighting project that will seek to bring solar lights to all our main roads in Dominica, including urban areas,” he said.

Blackmore said the project would be executed in separate phases.

“What we intend to do is first of all address our main roads. During the first phase, we intend to install 2,500 solar street lights. That will significantly improve the security and safety of our roads for pedestrians and persons who use the road,” he added.


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