China is calling for a UN investigation into Canada's residential schools system | Trudeau responds 1

China is calling for a UN investigation into Canada’s residential schools system | Trudeau responds


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed criticisms from China after the nation called for a UN investigation into Canada's residential school system.

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    1. With all dealt with everybody is known about that for years it’s just being brought up again with appropriate timing

    1. @marty TrueGene use a better translation app chang
      50 social credits have been removed from your account
      report to the closest re-education camp

  1. This headline is for real?? Seriously??
    If it’s true the United Nations is nothing but a joke and this proves it .

    1. The only real blood that Canada has on it’s hands, is what was spilt in both world wars. But that was our own tragic blood.

    2. @marty TrueGene list countries that have done nothing wrong in their history. yes, I’m not defending those horrible actions but I’m just saying. it is a fact that every country has had blood on its hands

    1. There won’t be a continuation to this story. The goal is racial division not investigative journalism.

    1. Nothing is in the closet. Canada has been studying the issues in the light of day for decades already. Canada has also provided a lot of compensation and support for it’s wrongdoing.

    2. @thefly373 Serious compensation, last year my local res got 40 grand per person, nearly the same amount of money I make in a single year and zero taxes on it.

    3. Yeah I don’t think so pretty boy. This is a load of crap and has been dealt with over the years. Wake up.


  3. every country has dark history from the past, what we need to do is learn from the past and not make the same mistake again.

    1. Hui L — Yes, dark history is all over. WE all need to learn from our past and not CANCEL it.

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