China rolls out the red carpet for arrival of Meng Wanzhou 1

China rolls out the red carpet for arrival of Meng Wanzhou


China rolled out the red carpet for the arrival of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou after reaching an agreement with U.S. federal prosecutors.

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    1. @Stewart D the extradition treaty clearly says the request can be rejected if it’s politically driven. If you still think the whole saga is not politically driven at this point, I don’t know what to say to you without insulting you.

    2. @Chris Graham the law is a sham designed by racist Trump to tear down Obama’s Legacy as such you should be overruled by any self-respecting politician

    3. @Stewart D Yes, we have the right to assess and make that choice. Other countries were requested to detain her and refused because they decided that it was not in their best interests. Let’s start acting like a sovereign state!!

    1. It’s not about boss here. It’s a difference between an an democratic government and a dictatorship and the way they treat to citizens..

    1. ​@Yerris I’m not giving you an education for free son. I don’t owe you an explanation you need to think for yourself.

  1. America’s economic hostage. It’s very unfortunate that Canada got caught in between. The states even ridiculously slapped aluminum tax on Canada

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