China Sees An Opportunity In Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan

NBC News foreign correspondent Janis Mackey Frayer talks with Chinese military insider Zhou Bo about China's stance on the outcome in Afghanistan.

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China Sees An Opportunity In Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan


  1. I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way, looks like we’re in for nasty weather…I see it not working for China … Constant bad choices here

    1. No that was 2 years, from mid 1988 until the USSR left Feb 1989!!
      Those missiles are useless at night, and we now have anti measures against them during the day!!

    2. @KeyboardWarrior That’s not the issue, the issue is America arm terrorist then cry like b****** when the chicken come home to roost

  2. “…is it happy that that the u.s has pulled out and in a messy way..” This woman is *genuinely* shocked that the USA didn’t get a “Farewell Party” from the Taliban! The war was already a bust when Rumsfeld lied on TV and said the Taliban no loner existed! Next time maybe

  3. China is certainly not the gun toting yahoo the US has proven itself to be. As we pivot to Asia,(China) “Gunboat Diplomacy” is in full swing.

  4. In about 20 years we’ll all be going to the movies to see how the US was completely destroyed by some undercover goofballs that the citizens yawned and slept through.
    All of a sudden: voting rights gone
    Women’s right to their own bodies: gone
    Economic opportunities: gone
    Education: non-existent
    USA: trash crac-head of the world.

    1. I noticed alot of you chickenhawks in America never served and have no children to offer as sacrifice for politicians greed

    1. It’s win win both for China and Afghanistan,, better than F-16 drones and bombs, nobody’s life is getting destroyed. Usa should learn from China. Do business and make friends not war and make enemy’s. The problem with Usa is weapon corp. They need conflicts and war to make money- Evil way to make money.

    2. @sal bar 100% correct. The US Military Industrial Complex needs endless wars to be profitable and remain in business, or else they go out of business with a lot of brilliant scientists and engineers on the unemployment line looking for other lines of work.

  5. Yes, let’s encourage China to get involved. Great Britain, Russia and the US have all left frustrated. Afghanistan is a tough place with even tougher people, who are determined to control their own country, and rightfully so. China will meet their match. Goody!

  6. Why didn’t you show the rest of that interview he was about to say something very important I believe he was about to say something to shed light to the American on why we were there in Afghanistan. can see the rest of this interview?

  7. “History is moving forward and the world will not go back to what it was in the past.
    Each country is unique, with it’s own history, culture and social system and none is superior to the other.
    The right choice is for countries to pursue peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect and on expanding
    common ground while shelving differences to promote exchanges and mutual learning”. – Xi Jinping.

  8. Why are they assuming that “The chinese” is just gonna give The Taliban money without anything in return? Such bias reporting here.

    1. Yeah they think China as stupid and greedy as American politicians who already talking about reinvading Afghanistan (Lindsey chickenhawk grahm)

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