1. Capitalism ensures competition which ensures the best products and the best services.
      Anybody who is a useless appendage gets the least amount of compensation. That’s probably why some of you were on here bashing capitalism. Because you’re losers.

    2. henkew only globalists hate Trump because he is destroying the world that they were trying to build – a globe of slaves where only the few have all the power.
      That is very real attempt to consolidate global power has failed spectacularly. We’re just enjoying the show here from America 😉

    1. Ster Burk
      He had his parade july 4th, and made the world laugh with his pathetic attempt in the rain.
      cant muster up a decent one with troops all over the world killing women and kids and bombing hospitals (by mistake)

    2. @Hawkzblade You know if it does come to a war with China or Iran they may well start drafting people. I hope not. Seen too much myself. But do yourself a favor. If you do end up in the army fighting a war keep your head down and your mouth shut. You will be with some very tough guys who may not like your attitude.

    3. @old mutt 1
      you can bet all the trump voters will get their bone spurs working, they wont join up to die for trump, going to be too busy in the chaos Iran proxies will cause in america.

  1. i wish china never gets to use any of them, unlikely the US periodically clears its weapon inventory from wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Somalia, Congo, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Mali…….

    1. @Eric Larsen so you’re saying that you just another idiot trumptard who’s using words that he doesn’t understand..
      Imagine my surprise.

    2. @Eric Larsen you sound a lot like someone i know from Norway. who was eequally misguided after seeing norway has become much more multi-racial than it was used to be. again, i dont see you providing any valuable disagreement here. I dislike marxism as much as you do, i dont see MNCs as benefactors to the world. Things need to be fixed. but i just dont see any globalist conspiracy or old order. or china runs the old world order. this is not the Da Vinci code.

    3. Eric Larsen Fisrt of all, references are needed when you made a statement like this. Second, you really so naive to believe that there aren’t other countries did the same thing? And even if this is true, what’s your point? The country should be exterminated? Keep the crazy thoughts to yourself dude. You have no bloody idea what we’ve been through over the past 100 years! So why don’t you stop trying to act like you know this country better than its own people? We know the dark side and every country has its dark side dumbass

  2. Why do you think china does that??? Could it be because we’re the only nation to use nukes and we used them on Asian people??? Could it be a show of strength.. Letting us know if we think we’re coming to bomb on them we got another thing coming.. Idk just a thought.. Our policy and the stuff we’ve done in the past creates hostile countries.. It creates people born to hate us.. Get back at the americans.. How long will we stay on top is the question..

    1. ​@Weather Forecast I agree that Trump is a moron, but picking a fight with the Chinazi government is exactly what the world needs: RIP Winne the Pooh

    1. Sorry man, u cant get new things from europe anymore. Wonder who help d US keep up witj Soviet space race~,😅

    2. Nobody is fucking jealous when the US has 12 fucking aircraft carriers and Chinese has 2 neither are nuclear

    1. CNN is FakeNews. First we must impeach Trump, then we must clear the oligarchs and their families that own media like CNN!

    2. @Andrew Smith go back to hannitys page were you can tell all the conspiracy theories opinions you want sheep.

    3. @Masshole why are we not allowed to elect who owns the media corporations? Why must we accept the tyranny of everyday and settle for democracy only once every 5 years?

    1. CNN… says that China took people out of poverty, but who put them there in the first place, great leap backwards… anyone, wow CNN can’t be more happy with the communists

  3. America got rich from world wars and China from world trade. Pls tell me why you think China is more dangerous than USA?

    1. Fleur Bandito except that doesn’t sound like China. I visited Beijing and Shanghai last summer. People seem pretty happy there. Do you really think our freedom is so star spangled fucking awesome that they don’t have any of that? America’s freedom is bullshit.

    2. @Nathan X. Well YouTube is blocked in China so we can’t talk to them about it. Who knows how happy they are but they aren’t free.

    3. @Fleur Bandito Actually, if China did not adapt the one child policy, there would have more people suffer hungry and poverty . Do you think that western countries will give food to these poor people? Too young ,too simple,sometimes naive .See what happens in the last half century in Africa and Mideast . Let the freedom and democracy go to the hell ,and just do business by themselves, the world will be better.

  4. I feel that Westerners are brainwashed more by the media. We know very well about Europe and America. But they seem to know nothing about us

    1. Supernova Zap bla bla bla bla, u can mute ur notifications but u cant mute the truth. No matter what u say, the history will show us who is the one got brainwashed so hard and who is the true idiot, between u and me. And by the way, u never been to China, stop pretending u did, that is disgusting, im pretty sure Chinese keep trash away from visiting their territory.

    2. ​@Electro-Cute Give me evidence of China hacking western government,

      The west is more socialist=sure than,

      What Chinese corporate control the CCP? what r u talking about, The CCP can seize anything they need.

      LOL hahah dude we have a lot of news about crimes In China what are you trying to say? even foreigners and we took all of them seriously there are many ppl in china executed for the killing of his GF and etc… we are not NOrth Korea. and of course, we know about these crimes. China is Big we have a lot of things going on here.

      The western media is not fully immersed with China media or content if you watch western media pay attention to their word choices, the Russian TV do. China media talks about Xianjiang as well as falungong as well. what?? I am so confused.

      NO because Kids in Hongkong are not thought about CHina instead thought about Britain. and influenced by west more than CHIna. and no CCp did not tell me what to believe and what not to believe thats a misconception.

  5. 让我感动的不是什么新型武器,而是现在绝大多数中国人那种团结一致、努力实现民族复兴的劲头!

    1. 好好的国庆阅兵在外媒眼里都变味了,比如说很多新闻媒体都报道奢侈的北京国庆和贫苦的香港人民

  6. Big surprise that cnn would celebrate the Chinese military parade while denouncing President Trump and his military parade.

  7. The prequisite of “show off” is that China has some real material and concret progress to present to the world. Please continue to be jealous. Because no one would be jealous to a nobody and make a big scene to compete with a nobody. Your fear and jealousy are our best fuel to thrive.

  8. Feel sorry for the editor who must be swallowing some bad food this morning when editing the news—— sour, bitter, and salty.

    1. @Bingjie Zhu KUDOS!! you know how to spell your own country’s provinces! you must be proud.now go and eat some rice with a fake egg, you earned it!

  9. china shows off military in anniversary parade, while USA shows off military in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya,Iraq,Somali,Pakistan, Yemen….

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