China: Spavor and Kovrig were not released as part of Meng's DPA 1

China: Spavor and Kovrig were not released as part of Meng’s DPA


A Chinese spokesperson says Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were released due to health conditions. CTV's Michael Boyer reports.

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    1. @Randal Gardner Sorry but you’re wrong, one needs to be a DemoRat for that which I’m not. But I’m sure you are.

  1. So it’s just “coincidence” they were let go at the exact same time that ho was released? Ok…sure I believe that

    1. @m k And what would you have done. Convened the A-Team and gone in guns blazing?

      There was really no other way for this to play out. It was all up to the USA.

    2. @m k Was not a success but honestly I got no clue what you would have done differently. It was all up to the USA.

    3. Investment King Why wouldn’t we release Meng ourselves 2 years ago and save two years of each of the michaels lives…

      This was very clearly hostage diplomacy and our Canadian government is too weak and cowardly to call it was it very clearly is…

  2. Justin saved them. That’s what $600mil was for. To keep Justin in power so he could save the two Michaels. Right?! Hellooo?! Is this thing on

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