1. They did it in the full view of Congress to send a message to others: *think twice* before opposing Xi Jinping.

    1. Funny how these forums are all of sudden flooded with posters telling us that Hu Jintao is ill in broken English 😂

  2. Julius and Jintao were Cesar at one point, today around the world CPC is now pitiful and an embarrassment

    1. @Michael Chandler America used black people as slaves, does that stay with you forever? Are all Americans tied with that for the rest of time? Or do you let it go at some stage? The cultural revolution was 50 years ago.

  3. This is what living under an autocratic regime looks like… The most interesting thing is to observe the attitude of the other participants, transfixed with fear and terror, who have no other option than to look away.

    1. 提起中国人民,我立场唯一:“让人民说话” When it comes to the Chinese people, my only position is: “Let the people speak”

    1. @Aroon Subway it’s still very fishy that he happened to be escorted out before the vote and Hu Jintao DID look baffled & not wanting to be escorted out. It looks like the 2 servicemen took nearly 30 seconds to persuade him out.

    2. @달을 보며짖는개 Don’t take my words for it. Read this my Gwarosa friend.

      “In two generations, China has built 500 entire cities from scratch, moved the majority of their huge population from poverty to the middle class and mostly cornered the market in 5g and pharmaceuticals,” he said. “In China alone, they have 40,000 kilometers of high-speed rail. America has… none. Our fastest train is the tram that goes around the zoo.”
      -Bill Maher

      US cities are stuck in the 80s because the politicians and government lack the will to coordinate and lead companies and workers in the right path and become sophisticated.
      -Jarrod Yuki

      US wants China to be a democracy country. In other word, political divided with two parties fighting with each other, so US could help one of them with its propaganda and finance capacity and place its influence inside china in return. Then China can never make independent policy if it relates to US interest. In other word, a vassal country. China maybe allowed to produce Tshirts, but definitly not 5G or AI.
      Divide and conquer is the real purpose of US pushing democracy everywhere.
      -Ru 911.

  4. Seems like part of the “highly choreographed event” to send a message. I suspect he still had power during Xi’s first two terms and resisted Xi’s third term behind the scenes. So once Xi won, he’s making a show and signaling his new power.

    1. @PhycoKrusk Thanks. I knew about China Uncensored, but I was kinda reluctant to watch it since I’ve heard rumors that it was an outlet for Falun Gong. I’ll try giving it another go. Even channels like laowai86 or Serpentza that I used to watch for some different non-overtly political perspectives on China plus fun bike rides are (justifiably, the former supposedly almost got disappeared before he left) slanted heavily against the mainland these days.

      It seems like you can’t get any real info at all out of that country and almost everything is either, “China is the greatest country to ever exist. Nothing bad ever happens here.” or, “China is the second coming of slant-eyed Satan. They want to buy everyone they can and imprison those they can’t.” There’s very little in between. Thanks for taking the time out of your day.

      The quick part was a bit of dead meme-ing on my part. There used to be a joke that started off that way that usually resulted in an absurd list of achievements for the thing in question.

    2. @EbonySaints I hadn’t heard that, but looking back, the only evidence I have seen to substantiate that claim would be criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.

      So, make of that what you will? All I can say for certain is that while some of their segments bring up Falun Gong (and even then, only rarely), it’s always in the context of the apparent relationship between Falun Gong and the CCP; they do not and, to the best of my recollection, never have produced any segments that either promote or discuss it outside of its relationship with the CCP.

      The only references to it I can find are a 2017 _Reporters without Borders_ article that identifies it as being produced by New Tang Dynasty Television, which was not true then, not true before then, and is not true now (NTD aired supercut episodes of the show in syndication, but was uninvolved with either funding or production); and a 2020 _Vox_ article which described it as an affiliate of the Epoch Times, which was not true then, not true before then, and is not true now. “Sloppy journalism” really isn’t a very good answer, but it’s the only one I can find any evidence for, so that’s the best I can offer you.

  5. Pretty cold move to sit Hu Jintao right next to Xi Jinping just to make sure everyone sees him getting taken out

    1. @Michael Chandler I am sorry for whoever filled your head with these things & got you to 1st hate yourself. How sad.

  6. I think it’s interesting that at 1:14, Daddy Warbooks (栗战书, sitting next to Hu Jintao), buttons his suit jacket and prepares to stand up. But Wang Huning, on his other side, appears to sort of press him back down into his seat. Like, maybe, “Don’t get involved in this, buddy.” Weird moment.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hu was in need of medical treatment of some kind, maybe even some regular thing. But it can be something else also, who knows.

    2. @falsemcnuggethope Yeah, that’s the frustrating thing. So hard to know anything for certain, since they’re so obsessed with secrecy.

  7. When speeches, texts, names, events, and people get silenced. We probably should have been listening then. . . Why else would something so controversial be hidden

  8. His first order of action: seize the nation’s entire supply of honey for personal consumption. Such a cruel dictator! 😔

  9. Hu did a complete, thorough transition of power at the end of his 2nd term. He might have been preparing to make some opposing statements when Xi gets his 3rd term.

    1. “I played be the rules, now so must you, Winnie.”

      “No I think you have to use the bathroom, Hu. You clearly had some expired soup dumplings at lunch.”

    2. Hu’s departing word to Pooh ‘this is how you wanna play it, you fat bastard? Hope you choke on your soup dumplings’
      Pooh replied ‘I’ll make an offering of soup dumplings on this day next year for you, old man’

  10. As someone familiar with Chinese history and culture, I’m sure this is a tactic to terrify political opponents by publicly humiliating a predecessor and also a former party leader who is said to have been criticizing Xi’s policies. Chinese people rarely engage in such blunt offenses in front of everybody’s eyes unless they have intention to send strong messages. Everything can be negotiated under the table; that’s the Chinese way. But the dramatic disrespect shown through media around the world to a former party chairman who made significant contributions to China’s economy sent the message: I, Xi Winnie, is confirmed the emperor of the People Republic of China. China should revise official name to Dynasty of CCP.

    1. I think this maybe the Chinese one of the Thirty-Six Stratagems. Most of the Chinese can remember a few. They are 4 Chinese characters in a group easy to remember. I have been visit China once for few days , They put the wards on the wall We call those affirmations. A little tacky but effective.

  11. If Hu indeed had health issue folks around him would have at least shown some concerns as he was lifted up and escorted out. Judging from the stone faces around him this is something entirely different.

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