1. @William Shaw you just watched a video.showcasing they don’t allow protest. Then claim USA doesn’t allow protest 😆

    2. @William Shaw never say things you don’t know it’s embarrassing it’s clearly that u never been in to the states or follow the news saying China have more freedom than the US 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ there’s no case that government officials shooting live rounds at protesters NEVER that’s never happens while CCP crushing tiananmen protesters literally 18-22 yo kids with tanks the scene so gore it’s makes reporters cry and why do you use the name “William” do u wanna be caucasian?

    1. @GiarkReleos You don’t understand. It took this long for a simple problem to get solved, meaning that the guys behind the scenes at CNN, are probably not all that bright. In turn, that means that this is actually quite newsworthy; Morons are getting smarter, and have figured out what a volume knob is. CNN is actually producing a slightly better end product because of it. Fantastic! Lol.

  1. Awesome. CNN recognized when someone else used censorship and propaganda the same way they do. 😂. Stunning sign of IQ there CNN.

  2. 7 years ago, I was traveling back to China with my family, my wife and my then 2-year-old boy. We were in the Beijing airport during a layover, I saw some fighter jets took off on the runway, I quickly distracted my rather jet-legged son to check out the airplanes, and pulled out my phone and took some photos thinking that’s kind of cool.. the plane was camo painted, very different than fighter jets here in the US. Two police officers came over to me out of nowhere and demanded I delete the photos. I was extremely irritated and thought to myself, I was allowed to climb into the cockpit of a F16 here in Battle Creek, Michigan during their annual air show. And a Blackbird at the Airzoo in Kalamazoo for anyone to walk up close enough to touch it. What kind of secrets am I taking from 2 cell phone photos of a plane taking off??? You insecure idiots…

    1. @B. Yung the US has had stealth since the 1980s, china didn’t get it until the 2010s…US is 30 years ahead of China, why the heck would the US steal China’s tech lol

    2. @Aphichat Sabai You’re the one who has to do the research. In fact, you should have some common sense.

    3. They’re living in the 50’s. We had McCarthyism here too once. If there really is billions of citizens, which I doubt, they’re in real danger from the masses. Look at what the squatter hard drug addicts did here protesting. Imagine if the government there shut down like ours did. That was the real terror lying awake afraid of homeless starting fires around here. Life changing. You never recover.

  3. As an ex-pat Chinese citizen, I can say with certainty that there are a rising number of people in China who wants democracy and to thwart the totalitarian communist rule. I hope the number grows and save China!
    Hope they overthrow Xi and commie stooges and bring democracy!

    1. As long as the government still control the military and the police nothing will happen. Revolutions will only work if the military joins the other side.

  4. Back when King John ruled, you had lords and hundreds of thousands of people (maybe millions) that stood up and fought because King John was just brutal and the people created their own constitution (the Magna Carta) and made King John sign to those conditions on pain of (you know what). What I see in modern time is, people are willing to passively stand and chant things, but when will they pick up a tool called freedom and yep, go head on. It’s a massive risk if no one is willing to do that though and you only have 5 people try doing it than they will be dissolved on the spot. And your oppressor won’t allow you to write your own history. Its hard and very scary, no doubt.

  5. Things that the Chinese 🇨🇳 leadership fear the most:
    – their own citizens,
    *- freedom of speech,*
    – transparency, and
    – the international rules-based system.

    1. Thanks to American senators, congressmen, and Nancy Pelosi, now pro-American Taiwanese DPP party is falling apart.

  6. The Chinese 🇨🇳 regime is the most brutal in mankind history. To name a few:
    – Mao’s cultural revolution,
    – Deng Xiaoping’s Tiananmen Square Massacre, and
    – Tibet, Mongol, Uyghur genocide.

  7. ” No one in the Federal Government even knows for sure how
    many of these labs there are in the United States, much less
    what research they are doing or whether they are safe and secure.
    What we do know is that the Federal Government has been
    funding the proliferation of these labs on an unprecedented
    scale. For the past 5 years, the NIH has spent more than $1
    billion on the construction of new BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs. Given
    the serious risk associated with these labs, we must ask if all
    these new labs are necessary. Has the NIH carefully assessed
    the need for these labs before writing checks to build them? “

    1. @Make Racists Afraid AgainCNN never reports on anything of substance, they are a misinformation and propaganda outlet. Nothing more.

    1. The Governments of the world knew King Putin and empire XI,
      We’re getting “all power” in there countries and now there gold fish out east is a shark and there kgb handsome man is king Putin. Shame on them we free men of the world had are “hopes” in you and you leaders of today let US ALL down.

  8. I remember reading about the results of a survey relating to population satisfaction regarding government management of covid back in the early to mid stages of the virus. surprisingly, the level of satisfaction was low in the democratically elected government of USA but was high in the single party state of China. I guess things have changed…

    1. The media is more powerful than any government. Had every station gone with the narrative that the USA was doing a good job most of the people would have thought the same. The Chinese were only exposed to positive viewpoints regarding the country’s handling of the pandemic.

    2. When you see every other country having a good time at the World Cup, that’s has to tell you times have changed

  9. It is certainly encouraging to see mainland Chinese starting to wake up and stand up against Beijing’s authoritarian regime. Yet history tells us that organized armed resistance is often the only effective way to wrest freedom from brutal dictators. The Free World should consider providing help to Chinese people as soon as possible, such as organization, training and firearms. It’ll be a much cheaper option compared with fighting a large-scale war later when the dictator controlled China invades Taiwan and/or other neighboring countries.

  10. This is what happens to citizens who have been disarmed by government, those of you who support gun confiscation take notes, in America we have the right to bear arms specifically for this reason, so the government remains subjects of the people, not the other way around…!!!

  11. Just to clarify we are talking about the Chinese protesting the CCP about covid lockdowns and other things which is a good thing,not the Canadian truckers who protested the same covid lockdown and other stuff against the Trudeau government which the media called white supremacy hence a bad thing.

  12. “Extreme Censorship Tactics”, that could apply to the US government as well.
    Remember Nina Jankowicz ?

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