1. Canada is a free open country but that does not mean you can accuse others without solid evidence ! What Trudeau did at Bali was not a great leader should do .

    1. Trudeau is not a great leader, he’s a liar and a cheat with obviously no respect and honour. That’s what Canada is too unfortunately

  2. As long as Canada continues to let the Americans take the lead on her own foreign policy, countries will not take Canada seriously.

    1. well, we in the Uk have no better friend regardless of who your pm is always brothers in arms no one fights better than a Canadian we are so proud of you guys

  3. it is like an employee talking to his boss………… oh……yes….this is what it is. This is Canada’s leader? Who votes for this?

  4. lol, leak confidential notes and say “that’s how it works with democracy”. This clown is not getting the point is he

  5. Xi was trying to give Trudeau a chance to leave the possibility for future diplomatic contacts open. The drama teacher fluttered his eyelashes and said “My name is Trudeau – Justin Trudeau. In French that means toilet paper.”

  6. I hate to say it but xi is absolutely right you don’t go into a private discussions and then 2 seconds later expose everything.

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