Chinese President Xi Jinping confronts Justin Trudeau at G20 | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Justin has habit of calling head of states through secure line and recording it to pass to press without informing other party. He need to stop it

    1. Or there shouldn’t be any secrets of what they talk about. Xi is trying to bully every one. He gets pissed if people know his plans to screw everyone in the B&R project. Phuck Xi

  2. “Oh botha, it seems our discussion have been leaked to the press. You have made me angrier than a bee hive after I eat their delicous… hmmmm… Honey.”

  3. Xi jinping untranslated words: if there is sincerity, we will respect each other and talk to each other . Otherwise the result will be hard.

    1. Eh what? Trudeau is a vile commie himself, heโ€™s just much weaker and therefore more likely to stab his commie partners in the back

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