1. considering they had no idea where it would go…do you really think they had cameras ready to capture this?

  1. Werner Von Braun once said “I put them up into space. Where they come down is someones else’s problem.”

    1. @Isaac Griffin 😉 these things would have been considered in Germany. Not so wreckless.

    1. Absolutely, They need a Barracuda schooled in environmental law. No way that case could flounder.

  2. – Comrades, we have a problem.
    – No, you don’t. You’re just flying the wrong way!

  3. Better than the bombs which land in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Pakistan courtesy of Uncle Sam!

  4. Yesterday I was looking at the news sitting in my car in the empty parking lot at 2am smoking a joint and was wondering if nature brought me out here just so it will land on me

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