1. It’s hard to defend the indefensible.so the best to do is create smoke screens ,deflect and shift the goal post that’s the Republicans strategy

    1. @Nikolai Collushnikov Faux News is that way —–> Come back when you clear that tape recorded message lest we deem you undiscerning.

  2. “Why’d you actually give us what we were only pretending to want?? We’re both screwing over the same people, but You’re making us look bad!”
    – The Republicans


    1. @Melania’s bf Well if you look at the GDP it is still a much stronger growth than Obama had. I really don’t see your argument lol.

  3. i think vindman saying the stuff that they took out of the transcript is the biggest news ever since this whole thing started

    1. @Nikolai Collushnikov
      Bidden wasn’t criminal comrade.
      An the purpose was to do with the Election,
      Blackmail, is what it was.
      The swamp is about to be evicted from the

    2. @Kesi Lame
      tramp attempted to blackmail the President of another country, you know why,
      Foreign Policy, huh!
      You shud just,
      Shut up!!!!

    1. joe mazamutto the realest thing said by an American. Take care of your people, help them with healthcare, find a way to reduce gun violence and stop spreading hatred throughout the country to gain votes. You don’t see Europe interfering everywhere, they know that should spend their money on their citizens.

    2. If you are only listening to one side of the story: A- you are a fool, B- you need to read more history, C- that is called opinion and not news, D- you are probably brainwashed by cnn, E- All of the above. Go to One America News for actual news

    1. If you are only listening to one side of the story: A- you are a fool, B- you need to read more history, C- that is called opinion and not news, D- you are probably brainwashed by cnn, E- All of the above. Go to One America News for actual news

    1. menthar , you’ll cry like a little girl when the troops come to take out you and your family. You Democraps can’t defeat the greatest fighting force in the history of the world!

    2. snoop alert
      It doesn’t matter about the constitution, our great President isn’t bound by the rule of law, the courts just proved it! The President could rape a baby and they couldn’t do anything! Stay strong brother! MAGA! Trump 2020 and forever!

  4. I missed the Republican Party John McCain stood by, and Donald Trump destroyed it. Now I’m a Democrat.

    1. @B.J Cameron China does not take 600billion from the US you fake economist. Businesses buy 600billion worth of goods from them and sell them a profit and employ americans with that profit. Do you see Walmart or Apple complaining?
      Its better to fight terrorist in thier homeland than ours, would you like the collateral damages to be american or Iraqi?
      Last time we ignored terrorist the knocked down the world trade center killin 3000.
      We will never go back to the gold standard and tell me how exactly is Trump working on it? Hes not, prove it.

    2. @Juandisimo The difference in trade between the US and China reached $600 Billion at one stage during the Obama/Clinton/Bush administrations. The Trade imbalance allowed the Chinese to build their Manufacturing and Banking Base. During these 3 presidencies, China was considered a 3rd world Country and was able to use American Money from the World Bank to invest in Africa and use Africa as a cheap food source. China also invested $1.2 trillion in US Stocks. President Trump needed to address this problem. To convince China he placed TARIFFS on Chinese goods which made the Chinese to DEVALUE. 3 times they devalued. This made companies vulnerable. Globalization is now a failed Experiment. Terrorism has 2 parts. Islam and those who appose Islam. ISIS formed because Islam was not spreading as fast as they would like. Reason being, they saw many Islamist were living in sin . I am an Engineer get to work in many Countries. Islam People are very devoted to Islam as a way of Life. Russian People are very special and like the US way of life.

    3. Ritchie hold on to your hat…
      Watch out for the abuse that will come your way from blind GOP followers and the Trumpsters.

    1. It won’t happened
      Did Bill Rapist Clinton go to jail for his impeachment
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha
      You deluded Dickhead

  5. Republicans are miffed they have to keep making excuses for the chump who never seems to learn his lesson even after Mueller.

    1. Juandisimo was the money released? Did the Ukraine president do anything to get the money? Unlike Biden telling them to fire the prosecutor or they wouldn’t get the billion dollars. And did the Ukraine fire the prosecutor? And only after he was fired did they get the money? Not to mention Biden came back home and tried to regulate oil and gas so much that they were losing money so the oil and gas company hunter was working for their oil production went up. Even to this day Biden and all the democrats want to shut down oil and gas production in the USA so that oil and gas production can increase in Ukraine. To become the major exporter of oil and gas.

    2. Or Putin invaded the Ukraine and got the lying orange puppet in the white house because Russia’s entire economy depends on oil and gas. And the trillions of dollars worth of oil and gas deposits in the black sea off the Crimean peninsula.

    3. Power corrupts that’s not workin out to well for Putin is it now? The USA is number one in oil and gas. We are exporting oil and gas for the first time in history. So your Putin helping trump conspiracy isn’t working out for Putin his people are losing. So that’s the dumbest thing ever. If Biden was in office then China Russia and Ukraine would be number one in the world for oil and gas. Not to bright are you? But you jus repeat what you been told without any actual logic in your comment

    1. kingnellis13 Pssst…the Ukraine hoax is already falling apart. That didn’t take long! You’ve been duped again!

    2. @ Rod allen you are seriously pathetic the impeachment is far from falling apart you are supposed to deal with things like an adult not a child,  lying to yourself won’t make it go away it is over your shiny tangerine is going to be impeached. Deal with it child.

  6. Lovely E. Unfortunately it’s all going to blow up in their faces. They needs to accept the facts. Trump will be impeached

    1. holymsophy seriously? The left are the greedy ones and it’s been a hate feast every since Trump was elected. TDS.

    2. The lying orange puppet will destroy the Republican party. They had many opportunities to prevent this mistake from occupying the white house.
      They got played.
      He’s been impeachable since day one.
      He’s not going to stop.
      We must stop him.

    3. I Have No Fear Pretty rich statement coming from you a member of the pro slavery, pro segregation, Jim Crowe law, voter suppressing, lynching, KKK founding, anti Semitic, white nationalist, white supremacist Democrats.

    4. The orange one got himself “elected” by greed and hate.
      He is the definition of a greedy and hateful person.
      This is what the Republican party put in the white house.

    1. TheBigStink Like the high religiosity, 85 IQ, fat brown vermin (and future burden to our already overwhelmed health care system) that are still procreating at Civil War-era levels, yet the DNC keeps trying to convince everyone will be such a huge _boon_ to our country? THAT kind of “unsophisticated folk”?

    2. @DJ Trendsetta …no that would be inbred uneducated snowflake trailer-trash magahat wearing bigots, inbreeder…

    3. Is that why the Democrats take advantage of uneducated minorities, while giving them nothing in return? Turns out you can’t feed, and employ people off creating racial angst.

  7. If you have an IQ above 80 and you’re a Republican, it means there’s no reason to perform a lobotomy, there’s nothing really there.

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