1. Chris isn’t his brother OR his brother’s keeper! I stand behind Chris’ integrity as a journalist and a brother.

    1. Coming out of his basement from quarantine but was caught days earlier outside with his family. Integrity my A$$!

  2. I’m not mad at Chris. I’m mad at his brother for putting him in this situation in the first place.

    1. @David Davies honestly, I think the media is this is all bullshit and they have an agenda, some worse than others. CNN & MSNBC are the leaders however in fake news and utter bias. In fact, CNN was caught on camera admitting to using propaganda to get Trump out of office and exploiting Covid for ratings.


    1. @dan dansen China killed every one of the citizens that has died in the United States from the covid get your s*** together so everyone that dies now Biden kills!

    2. @Stan Wilson This is not America per se, this is how the two parties react. The republicans make excuses for their poor treatment of women and the democrats have more of a no-tolerance policy.

    3. @Russ H I sense jealousy coming from you because my sister and I are in a loving, committed relationship, that’s full of morals, integrity and family values. If you want what we have stop dating women un-related. You’re probably a dem or lib. Matter of fact you seem like the type that supports that Muslim Obama, whom btw was born in Kenya and is the founder of ANTIFA, BLM and the Muslim brotherhood. Before you question the validity of my facts…I get all my news sources, information and provable facts from Qanon, breitbart and inforwars. Get a life and stop trying to copy mine.

  3. I can understand them talking as brothers and not an advisor-I think most would do the safe. I’m glad he addressed this.

    1. “I’m not an advisor…” Proceeds to advise to him to resign. Can’t make this feces up. LOL

    1. “I’m not an advisor…” Proceeds to advise to him to resign. Can’t make this feces up. LOL

    2. @Reds2308 in perspective that was near the beginning of covid. At that time, as people adjusted to lockdown and WFH protocols, rules were bent. Not saying it was right (in hindsight it wasn’t) just saying decisions were made under extenuating circumstances. I work in an industry completely unrelated to politics and media. The company I work for made some unintentional errors back then. I think lots of companies did.

    3. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve cussed my older brother for his actions. Not anything like Cuomo, but crack and theft and lying….all the damn lying….is still pretty bad!

    4. @Johnny Varga you are right, cable news is pure entertainment. How could I forget. Cuomo following Tucker and Maddow. Wonder when he will have to defend himself from a lawsuit once a judge finds that his commentary is also hyperbolic and unreliable.

      Guess it will be the same defense, the viewers should know! We call ourselves the news but don’t deliver reliable news

  4. When it comes to family. Who can say?? But glad that Chris came out with this and address the situation at hand. I also thought Andrew Coumo should resign. And I’m pretty sure Chris help convince him of that. Be well Chris.

    1. @John I. You must have an IQ of at least 75 to ride the roller-coaster that is debating with me.
      You, unfortunately, are way to short in the head for that, Biff.

  5. The odd time family puts you into an awkward or compromising position, this is a tough one to deal with because it’s all out there. Wish you the best, take care.

    1. Chris Cuomo was not acting like a brother, he was acting like a propaganda outlet. Chris not only advised Andrew on how to manage the PR, he also played defense on CNN by spinning the narrative to make Andrew look innocent. Chris crossed an ethical line. He should have never covered anything to do with Andrew, good or bad, and he definitely never should’ve brought Andrew on as a guest time and time again to make him look innocent.

  6. Ok, that came with a measure of class, and ought to be enough to settle any debate about Chris Cuomo’s character. It’s a shitty kind of, “between a rock and a hard place,” kind of dilemma to be in, but i think he’s handled rhis one the right way.

    1. @Mad Madelo no idea what a SJW is, and i’ll qccept that hating Trump is a weakness on my part. However, it’s one small weakness among a collage of great attributes in my life, so i’m fine with it. And Donald has earned the hatred that comes his way.

    2. @Bob Knox And I wouldn’t want to take that away from you, because you seem like a smart individual. You know where you stand and there is of course respect in that as well. At the same time, there is a difference if one knows exactly why they hate a man, rather than just hating because others do it. You seem like you have your own reasons, so it is what it is and I can’t dislike you for that. More people just need to run off respect. That’s the only way we’ll get anywhere as a human race. It isn’t about what side people are on, it’s more about how an individual’s mind operates, that’s all.

    3. Twould be interesting to know Who at CNN supported Chris in his time of need? The pain in Chris’s eyes tells me..maybe not so many as I hoped..so much for “We are family at CNN”.

  7. It is hard to be objective with one’s family. To be a parent when your child does something really bad at school. Most parents try to advocate for their children instead of being neutral. Same with spouse (usually). I think he did what he could in his position.

    1. If I had to go to school, for misbehavior, I would not advocate for my child. If he is wrong he is wrong. I do not take up for
      my child. That is where a lot of parents go wrong. Some parents have the attitude: my child is never wrong, everybody else is.

  8. Chris handled this difficult situation as honest and professional as it can be expected from someone in his position. I respect this and wish him and his family the best.

    1. @Stan Wilson Exactly because what about Lying Trump the guy who’s party support despite being impeached twice, despite inciting a terrorist attack on America, despite killing 450,000 Americans with his lies and incompetence? It’s like far-right sycophants are programmed to be disingenuous, hypocritical and ignorant. When you support the antichrist you shouldn’t open your mouth above all when the people you hate are your enemies for only telling the truth and are held accountable contrary to your failed not reinstated crazy Supreme Leader ? Don’t you agree friend?…

    2. @Rappin Ron – Any proof he knew? My brother works for the city and I don’t know how he treats his co workers. Do you know everything your family is doing? Likely not.
      You MAY be right but unless you have evidence to support it your are only talking out of your arse.

    3. @TC W Next for? You think the far-right can attack him for not backing up the Nazi-in-chief? Nah not happening. Andrew might be your next President so gear up for the next insurrection

    4. @GREY E CAT – Apart of the apparatus of corruption???
      Is anything he said inaccurate. He is still a reporter and having a govt official on your show to report on what is going on in the govt would be considered by most as good reporting. Did he have his brother on excessively? No. Did he have his brother on after the scandals picked up? Assuming Chris’s timeline is accurate, no. I would say that shows integrity. He didn’t try to spin the situation for his audience unlike OAN, Newsmaxx, and Fox

  9. No matter how you cut it, I respect him speaking on this matter. We have to wait and see if former governor Cuomo is guilty of what he has been accused of. At the end of the day, that’s his brother and these are allegations.

    1. Peace and humility rig-t there… This too shall pass. Your work has a policy to cover issues as flux as these.

  10. Heartbreaking. God bless you Chris, I know this is hard. Praying for all involved and especially for your family. Appreciate your honesty knowing you didn’t have to say anything

  11. Still love you and that’s your brother. You supposed to be there for your family and who cares what other people think. You didn’t do anything wrong. Thank you for being honest

  12. I have always thought it would a conflict of interest for him to talk about it. Hopefully this statement will shut up the haters out their.

  13. I admire you and your brother, always have, always will. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone believes what they are doing is okay (except for the Trump crazies). Everyone in life, I believe, has to “carry a Cross” at some point. I wish nothing but goodwill to you and your brother. I think it was a good idea to make this video.

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