Chris Cuomo clashes with Rudy Giuliani over Ukraine

Chris Cuomo clashes with Rudy Giuliani over Ukraine 1


President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani denied asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden moments before admitting that he had done just that.
Giuliani's comments came in a heated exchange on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" as Chris Cuomo pressed the former New York mayor over conversations he'd had with a Ukrainian official about Biden's possible role in that government's dismissal of a prosecutor who had investigated the former vice president's son, Hunter. Giuliani has repeatedly pointed to the event as a scandal, even as other Western governments also called for that prosecutor's dismissal and no evidence has indicated Biden's move was inappropriate. That prosecutor was replaced by Yuriy Lutsenko, who would later drop an investigation into a company in which Hunter Biden was involved.

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  1. Abuse of power, blatant criminality, treason.

    • Alexandra Chalupa was a Ukranian American lawyer working for the democrats during the 2016 elections. She had close ties to the US embassy in the Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian embassy in the US. She admitted she had dealings with Ukraine is order to force Paul Manafort to resign…. democrats can’t seem to remember anything that goes on in the past five years.

    • It’s pretty obvious

    • @Kerry larkin NO, Trump needs to be hanged for treason! You probably need to join them for being a traitor to America also!

    • Binky Biden caught red handed with his hands in the cookie jar… LOL !!!

  2. brave sir robin | September 20, 2019 at 1:14 PM | Reply

    My god i hope, if i ever need a lawyer, hes not like guilliani

  3. Lmaooo humpty dumpy fell off the wall humpty dumpy broke his head on the wall 🥴

  4. Giuliani looks more like Gollum every day.

  5. Rudy is such a liar and he is senile and confused.

  6. “It’s ridiculous to claim I did it, which I did, and I’m proud of it!”

    • DarkSoulSama Giuliani should be disbarred and prosecuted.Trump deserves the Firing Squad, but having him rot in prison is fine by me.

    • Gary Gans C’mon GG, isn’t that a bit extreme? We’re executing/incarcerating Americans for imaginary crimes?

    • @S OD nah Trump is named in a felony conviction of hos friend Cohen. If Trump wasn’t president he’d be in prison as well. Would you like more crimes from Trump? Or are those imaginary as well. I’ll agree executing a president is extreme though

    • Trump is playing chess and libtards playing checkers.. LOL !!!

    • Garry Miller Wish you guys would actually state the crimes and not some Democrat/MSM talking point. The Dems and not so special counsel found petty infractions and process crimes against Trumps campaign, but nothing prosecutable, but in Democrats eyes it’s all prosecutable so I’m just treading water stating facts to you guys.

  7. Giuliani is as corrupt as they come!

    • Look like one too

    • He is funny when he has a meltdown though!

    • Your definition of a “meltdown” is Guliani talking over Fredo because Fredo doesn’t want the details about the DNC soliciting the Ukranianians in early 2016 and what the sleazy Bidens were up to in China and Ukraine.

      By the way have you watched the interview in its entirety?
      CNN certainly won’t upload the whole thing that’s for sure. They edit and chop before throwing in a different segment with more partisan talking heads shilling the usual DNC talking points

    • Well at least he didn’t take billions from China like traitor Biden.

    • Now that he doesn’t have sympathy of people (remember that he was NYC Mayor when the attacks of Sept. 11 happened), we see him for the corrupted idiot that he’s always been.

  8. He is such a bad liar. He is saying he didn’t say what he just said no less than 5 seconds prior. Rudy Giuliani thinks we are all stupid.

    • Sheryl Merville | September 21, 2019 at 2:03 AM | Reply

      That’s lawyer speak. St least he remembers what state he’s in and doesn’t drool all over little girls while taking bribes from China like Sleepy Joe Biden.

    • Notice how the fake news focuses on this tangential moment of this interview and completely ignores the damning revelations regarding the “colluding” DNC soliciting for Ukrainian help and the fact that the Bidens were up to their necks in sleaze and corruption.

    • @paul taylor they can edit live tv now?

    • So Biden is being bribed by foreign governments and you are worried about Giuliani exposing it… LMAO !!!!

    • @Dicky Jones lol. you think rudy is credible? lmbo

  9. why does Rudy remind me of a sewer rat?

  10. Yes he committed the felonies, but so what?! He’s the president! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. “Ukraine, if you’re listening …”

    • How is it that you can overlook the FACT that the DNC solicited the Ukrainian government for dirt on Trump in the spring of 2016?
      How do you circle a square in which it’s fine for Hillary Clinton and the Dems to “collude” with foreign powers for what is commonly known as opposition research, yet when there is a suggestion the Trump campaign engages in such standard practices it becomes treason and collusion?

    • Macsen Wledig Circle a square? Time to go back to the Putin Academy of English Idiom for Russian Trolls, honey.

    • Attempting to circle squares is what libtards do everyday, whether it’s declaring there are more than two genders or that black people cant be racist or that Islam and the LGBT community can live in complete harmony, it’s what you people do when your not being manipulated by your media overlords into believing dumb Russian conspiracy theories

    • Trump wins again… LOL !!!!

  12. The lies are getting all mixed up. Amateur hour continues, painfully and foolishly.

    • clemtoe You people have been trained, like lab rats, to see criminal activity in others, real or imagined. But trump and his spawn seem…invisible to you.
      Escape the lab, little rats! Run!!

    • jon doe You sound more like Fredo, honestly. “Look at me, trump…I’m SOMEBODY! It’s okay if you lock thousands of children in filthy cages, and allow them to be abused. As long as you like ME!”
      Fucking cowards.

    • Macsen Wledig The trick is, to actually listen, and to many sources. Y’all are used to a single source, and it’s not even news. It’s meant for you panicky, and armed heavy-breathers. They call it propaganda, and it’s most effective when the targets think OTHERS are the targets.
      For instance, your dear leader has lied around 12,000 times—and you can no longer recognize it. Even though YOU’RE the ones being lied to.
      See? No? Look closer…closer…see it yet?
      Keep trying, Bunky.

      PS—the full rudy interview was available to all. Are you even aware of that? Cause I saw it—didn’t help his case. But he said what was needed to get y’all wound-up, didn’t he? Propaganda in action. You’re breathing heavy right now, aren’t you?

  13. Wow! This is everywhere. Talk about viral! And everywhere it’s the same; Giuliani meltdown. Meltdown!

  14. Reporters, really. What good are they? It’s not like two crack reporters exposed Nixon for his crimes that ultimately got him to resign. Really, what good are reporters?

    • What good is a #pussyassbitch pres

    • It’s hard to know what the crime was with Watergate now. According to the same news outlets, you can have corrupt FBI agents defraud the FISA court to get warrants based on claims concocted by one’s campaign team to spy on one’s political opponents and it’s no big deal.

  15. Francisco Casiano | September 20, 2019 at 8:00 PM | Reply

    Personally I would have hired a professional lawyer who doesn’t have Alzheimer’s

  16. It is a reality show or real leaders, who are in charge of USA?
    It’s look so unreal, it’s amazing.

  17. He’s insane…nothing more, nothing less…Giuliani is INSANE!

  18. This is the most pathetic explosion of lies…. from the trump orbit… since last week…

  19. I hope several jurisdictions are sealing indictments so statues of limitations can’t run out

  20. I don’t know what to say about these fools anymore.

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