1. Feminist Against Bernie Wow, didn’t take you long to take this to the absolute extreme. “Femanazi against Bernie” 😂😂😂 Fkin rich..

  1. The timing of this tells you everything , how sneaky warren is . She is dishonest , and she knows that sanders supports her but she still attacked him .

    1. @Gheorge Duarte it’s sad you can’t see the same tactic being used on Trump. Virtually everything people hate Trump for his out of context.

      For example:

      People still think he called Neo Nazi’s “fine people”

      They still think he called all Mexicans rapist

      They still blindly believe he said shithole countries

      They still think he went bankrupt 4 time.


      I will gladly give you the full context if you would like.

    2. @San Geet And the reason you think that is because of this same type of bias reporting.

      He has done way more than most President in 2 and half years.

      I will gladly give you examples if you like.

    3. Cuomo is pushing for answers only Bernie can give … “What is Bernie going to say?” Good grief, Chris, quit pushing for dirt of any kind. You won’t find it with Bernie.

  2. You cant fool anyone with this crap, unless you are a joe biden or pro establishment supporter.

    1. @MidScream1 Seem obvious he said Trump is a sexist and will weaponize all this and Elizabeth decided to interpret that in such a way that she could weaponize it, knowing very well Bernie has encouraged women to run for decades. This hurts Warren and the progressive party significantly. It’s a play right out of Trumps playbook and many of us never expected it from her.

    2. I’m a little disappointed in Warren for claiming this because she’s scared of losing support. I like them both but this doesn’t seem like something Bernie would say in a million years.

    3. @brian mo even if he didn’t say it he was thinking it which is just as bad… we’re not going to elect a 90 year old washed out sexist misogynist socialist regressive clown 🙂

    1. As far as I’m concerned Pete put her in her place and she’s been scrambling ever since I hate the fact that she plays the role of someone who’s not a billionaire someone who isn’t privileged and people are absolutely buying it. Now she’s coming after Sanders because she knows that she cannot beat him for the nomination

  3. As a conservative I can honestly say it’s so obvious that CNN doesn’t like Bernie and has always tried swaying voters against him. As much as I do not care for Democrats I don’t believe Bernie deserves this garbage.

    1. As a Progressive Democrat who supports real change, it’s hard to disagree with Conservatives when they call the mainstream media as FAKE NEWS!

    2. What on earth is Fredo Cuomo still doing on tv?????? That fraud exposed himself quite some time ago.. Only total morons listen to him

    3. @David Rivera every dude on this planet has at one time or another been vulgar about women. Grow up please. Fyi securing the border wasnt rascist when clinton or obama did it. Your lord and saviour obama built those cages . He was anti- gay originally . Bill Clinton talked about how devastating illegals were to our country. Hillary was firm anti-gay marriage. There is nothing rascist about securing the borders of a country. We let in more people than any country on earth. How is he rascist? How is he bigoted? Get Informed and stop “learning” everything you know from mainstream media. Enjoy the next 4 years hypocrite

    4. @Cant_Touch_This wanna bypass the fale news? Dont trust in american media.. theyre all privately funded .. meaning they need ratings to stay on the air.. when that happens than sensationalizing things happens.. the best news sources are canadian and european.. look up cbc and bbc
      Theyre publicly funded.. now they do lean ways but theres no sensationalism

  4. In a meeting about being civil to save the progressive movement, a man told a woman she couldn’t win the presidency?? Doesn’t sound like Sanders at all, does sound like made up CNN bs.

  5. Yeah I am so disappointed in warren. I mean there’s absolutely no way he said it. She’s embarrassing herself here.

  6. CNN salivating at the potential of being able to smear Senator Sanders. I’d hesitate to believe Warren over Sanders. Simply look back at their track records

    1. @Mulinaster have you ever heard of social security? Social workers, social services? Yeah, socialism really backfired…

    2. @Preston Williams If it’s a question of extent to which one can live without respecting objective value in exchange for objective value, absolutely it backfires. Borrowed money will only take you so far before reality hits you. We have entered a campaign phase where the person who deals out the most “free things” with no promise of return value wins the candidacy irrespective of the potential to pay for it in any meaningful way. The trendsetter of FDR was one thing.

    1. I certainly hope not, Bernie Sanders is a complete JOKE wanting to spend trillions of dollars right out of the gate without a single way to pay for it. He’s a free win for President Trump.

    2. @Mulinaster do you not investigate your ideas? His policy proposals give plenty of ways to pay for things.

  7. Sanders guy: they had some wires crossed.
    Cuomo: what does that mean?!
    Sanders guy: well I mean they had lasagna

    My thoughts exactly.

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