1. George Stone You really have been brain washed by the biased leftist media. You have my pity. Name one thing he’s done that’s evil

    2. @The Comment

  1. Disgrace to American’s, Embarassment to the world, he also just cut down the poor on twitter

    1. @Bob Minichino Since you want to tell me what to say, I will respond that the fanatically pro-black Democrats are intentionally committing genocide of American blacks in the inner city, through police defunding, and using their lapdogs in the media to cover it up like the Holocaust. The hands of the “woke,” “antiracist” Democrats who play the race card are wet with black blood.

  2. Nobody… likes me.. boo hoo 😢! I will give him that one … And he isn’t lying either !

    1. father time he didn’t do nothing wrong lol he’s the president so trump 2020 snowflake I am proud of myself!

  3. It’s all about ratings. That’s what happens when you elect a failed businessman and reality TV host to the office of the presidency.

    1. Exactly this man is not fit to run the country he was never qualified I can’t believe people voted for TV reality host!!!!! This is what you get!!!! He doesn’t care about the American people all he cares about is himself worst Administration ever the idiot was holding rallies in the middle of this pandemic😡

    1. I’m confused? The first true thing? He’s said many facts hes good trump 2020 goo joke though

    1. Bob Minichino can you people stop! Liberals just complain about what we say but we can’t complain about what they say y’all are starting to piss me off!

    2. @Open your Eyes
      🤗 Fact: JB wrote the 94 crime bill

      Fact: now law, and is notorious for targeting the incarceration of minorities.

      Fact: Dj Rump moved to reform this law in 2018.
      Fact: Rump referes to it as a
      ” crime law that disproportionately harmed the African American communities ”
      Fact: this means he saw systemic racism and started doing something about it.
      Fact: The B.ig L.oud M.ovement web page has been receiving donations with JB as one of the top recipients.
      Fact: Not a single brother in the top 10.
      Fact: This breaks my heart, and in my honest opinion we will never see that money.

  4. Face it – he thought bring potus was: endless golf, state dinners and telling people what to do.

  5. The part where he’s clearly only interest in being president for the 1/3 of the country that idolized him might have been a tip-off

    1. I think that’s a requirement for becoming a high ranking politician. None of them care about the people. It’s all an act.

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