1. These dudes are to funny bro. I just want a 1 hour show with both these dudes talking about stuff that comes on Monday thru Friday.

    1. Imagine the ratings!!! This would be a major cash grab for CNN look how much they’re on air already!!

  2. They talk like brothers. Chris is known for being one of the most respectable interviewers, never interrupting his guest. This does not apply to brother, Andrew. Capeesh! I enjoyed the banter.

    1. Respectable interviewer? It’s perfectly okay to show your stripes, I can appreciate that, but that’s no reason not be truthful.

  3. I’m sure the Governor is thinking just about this time, “Why didn’t I throw this guy out the second floor window when I had the chance.

  4. Right when I think Chris has his brother in a corner, BAM, Andrew shows him who’s older and wiser.

    1. Same. Don’t even bother with the Trump clown show at this point. I just watch Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Lamont for actual information (information meaning not a bunch of lies and self promotion) for my area instead of the orange dotard’s daily MAGA insane ramblings.

  5. If he does in the future I would vote for the love gov …I’m impressed with how he’s handling this crisis

  6. Gov Cuomo for president!
    I’m staying home for my mother. No she’s my mother. Gotta love it. Incredible guys!!!

  7. It looks they’re the.. future and past versions talking to each other through some time warp.

  8. LMAO!! “She was my mother first”

    Ha! I say this all the time to my siblings. I mean how dare they claim ownership when she was my mother first.

  9. He made the Governor smile and then he was crying after he said he loves him. I guess he really loves his older brother !!

    1. K those Chinese blue blood and rich man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My brother used the “She was my mum first” tease with me for years to great effect. Now of course I realise it was so she could prepare for the perfect child, me.

  11. I’ve never seen Chris smile like this before he’s been on with his brother… and while sick, even. It’s wonderful. Get well Chris, and I hope you get the Gov on future interviews even when all this is over!

  12. I like it when Chris gives him a tough time. You know the governor has a lot to say in return but it’s not tv friendly. These interviews crack me up.

  13. Every Governor and polititian should have a younger sibling interviewing them live on T.V. for the duration of their term in office.

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