Chris Cuomo: What would you do if Trump said ‘I am a racist’?

Chris Cuomo: What would you do if Trump said 'I am a racist'? 1


CNN's Chris Cuomo is surprised by Republican Senate hopeful Kris Kobach's answer to whether he would support President Trump if he admitted that he was a racist.

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  1. “It depends on who he’s running against.” Wooooowww… Condoning 100%

    • His answer pretty much sums up the Republican party of today. They’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, they’re corrupt. But some, I assume, are good people.

    • @Piteus X
      Kobach failed at the Trump Voter Fraud committee.

    • Anon¥mus that sounds so familiar! 😂

    • @kurama2083 Ridiculous smh

    • @KB Peters The Democrats have to stay united. Pelosi has to keep them together. AOC has to play within the boundaries. She can’t go rogue and throw out policies that will piss off the moderates. I’m a libertarian / moderate who sick of Trump’s lies and demagoguery. The Democrats can win the moderate vote if they don’t get as extreme as the Republican party is now. It’s critical Pelosi keeps order. It’s amazing … I used to dislike Pelosi. Now I think she’s the most sensible politician in Washington. Times have changed.

  2. Kobach is looking for a job in the Trump administration. That’s his job interview.

  3. He definitely said countries idk when the Bronx became a country🙄

  4. Timothy Mims | July 17, 2019 at 8:53 AM | Reply

    “wherever he ‘thinks’ his father is from.” 🤣 Beautiful ✨

  5. Mrpolo19851 pete | July 17, 2019 at 9:06 AM | Reply

    6:55 he almost said SHHHHIIIT Come on man, in disbelief… 🤣🤣🤣😂

  6. Now I understand how ordinary germans went along with nazis , THEY WERE FUNKIN COMPLICIT

    • Jacob Massey | July 17, 2019 at 11:56 AM | Reply

      @mossy oak hell yea russia racism concentration camps.if they say this garbage enough they actually convince themselves its truth.if you think trump and his supporters like me are racist in any way you need to crack open a history book.hitlers party was the national SOCIALIST worker party buy the way.

    • @dub2459 hahahahah antifa are some punks. Only antife who are dangerous are those who join the US proxies armies in syria.

    • Democrats and the Left are the Nazis of our time

    • @Jacob Massey Nazi wasnt democratic. We swiss are democratic socialist. Stop your BS. North Korea is also called “Democratic People republic of korea“ and has nothing in common with a democracy. You are naive willingly or not idk.

    • @mossy oak oh pls the right hates non whites read a youtube comment section and see how these people really thinkl

  7. 6:35
    Chris “would you still support him as president?”
    Kobach “Umm I don’t know”…

    • Cuomo fucked him off at 6:35. He has to decide do I oppose Donald trump or defend a racist

    • Kobach is a “low IQ” individual. Come on…he did pause …then he states I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT….then he said PROBABLY…and he states IT DEPENDS ON WHO IS RUNNING starting at 6:35

  8. This loser kris lost his governor race in 2018. He will lose again in 2020 for the senate.

  9. Dude should tell DT to let go of his balls!🙄

  10. “U had to think about it”
    Priceless ❤️

  11. Chris Cuomo wiped the floor with this ‘man’. Great job, Mr. Cuomo.

    • Cuomo is a piece of 💩💩💩 !!!! Get on a boat and leave…. take the squad with ya

    • Cuomo could have done better.

      Paul Ryan said Trumps attack on a judge of Medican decent is the definition of racism. During a town hall when a Muslim woman asked how Trump would protect religious minorities from hate crimes, he said she needed to “turn over the terrorists”. He asked an asain journalist where she was from When she said the state (I dont remember which) he said “no originally”. All of these are on video. Cuomo used none of those examples, which are clear cut. Instead he chooses “mostly rapists and murderers” which, while his point is right, gives Kobach an opening.

      Chris did do well on calling out the hesitation. That’s good. I think he should have taken the kill shot of “if you might consider supporting a racist based on who else is running, what’s worse than a racist?” That would have stopped him dead in his tracks. What’s he gonna say? “A socialist”?

    • Jacob Massey | July 17, 2019 at 11:51 AM | Reply

      @Karen Cole yes i agree .they have made this word racist mean nothing.

    • @Jacob Massey I didnt mean to say that they made “racist” mean nothing. I mean to say that so many people dont know how to fight. That there is so much material that focusing on weak points with only broad hand waving isnt enough.

    • @YUKON DX
      I don’t care about your opinion of Cuomo….it does not detract that Kobach admitted he would rather support a RACIST than a Democrat.


      Come on…he did pause …then he states I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT….then he said PROBABLY…and he states IT DEPENDS ON WHO IS RUNNING starting at 6:35

  12. The Right will sell whatever is left of their souls for a Dementia Don dictatorship. Remember that

  13. 6:23 This is where we can see morality and human rights come second to getting elected. Personal integrity? Nope, just greed.

    • Trump is elected because of his policies not his rhetoric.

    • @Ben Santoyo I assume that was true for SOME of the people who voted for him in 2016. But certainly not all.

      In any case, why is that even relevant here? Does that excuse his statements somehow? Words do matter, especially from leaders who are supposed to unite us.

    • @Ben Santoyo
      You cannot separate policy from rhetoric.

      Words will betray a person’s true intentions and beliefs.

  14. Republicans hate Americans and love money.

    Aka EVIL!

  15. One thing I do agree with Kobach on – Trump said this to “put the spotlight on those four women”… and away from Epstein, Acosta, Mueller, burgeoning debt and myriad other problems he is facing.

  16. Just for context. He said, “Democrat Cogresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments…”

  17. Sounds like somebody just “earned” themselves a cabinet seat in Trump’s administration. Application process: Go on MSM, kiss Trump’s butt, get job….no experience necessary, Congress approval not required.

  18. Racism is Trump’s platform. His Brand is racism. Expect the new red hat slogan to be “Love it or Leave it” LiLi

  19. Cuomo: Would you still support Trump as president if he said he was racist
    Kobach: Um..I don’t know, that would be a really tough question. I’d have to know who was running against him.
    Wow, there’s no coming back from that…does he have a publicist?

  20. Sultan Semlali | July 17, 2019 at 11:30 AM | Reply

    Kris Kobach will need a good night of rest… Cuomo was tough!!!!

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