Chris Cuomo's passionate plea to the government: 'Do your damn job!' 1

Chris Cuomo’s passionate plea to the government: ‘Do your damn job!’


CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks directly to the federal government, telling them to do their jobs and stop hiding from the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  1. I live in Florida and we are getting tired of this and frustrated because of all of us getting sick and dying. We have an incompetent president! Let’s vote him out in November.

    1. @teek75ifty Do the exact opposite of what tRump says and you’ll be better off!
      Listen to science, knowledgeable doctors, etc NOT to some f***ing idiot you elected 3.5 years ago who cannot put coherent sentences together and blames everyone else while touting how tremendous he is.
      That would be a start.

  2. MY MAN Thank you CHRIS CUOMO! Your words right here are shared with me and many others in the country. I am so disheartened w/ the handling of COVID-19, I can’t put it into words.

    1. @Mandy He doesn’t want facts. He is one who thinks if puts out enough crap people will buy it. Thanks for your references.

    1. Yes. We were told as children.. If you are not a part of the solurion, then you are part of the problem

    2. @Jim Jimmies Ok, that was definitely interesting, but the writer admitted that he was just taking the cyclist’s version of the story. “Given the CNN anchor’s remarks following the confrontation (“jackass,” “loser,” “fat-tire biker,” etc.), I am inclined to believe the cyclist’s version of the story. Then again, given Cuomo’s integrity and fact-based journalistic style — I am definitely inclined to believe the cyclist.”
      Yeah, I am suspecting that what cyclist said to Cuomo might have been a tad bit ruder, with more crap between, than, “Your brother is the coronavirus czar, and you’re not even following his rules — unnecessary travel.” Assuming that the cyclist did say to Cuomo that his brother was a “coronavirus czar,” that colorful choice of words make me doubt that the cyclist kept his comment that succinct and that insult-free when he talked with Cuomo.

    1. Natalie Nienhuis stop talking trash over the internet you won’t say any of it to anyone’s face stop being an internet thug

  3. This coming from the person who said: “its not our job to provide medical workers with the equipment they need.” It doesn’t matter if it’s your job. It’s was the right thing to do.

    1. Yes, it’s the job of the govt. You disagree with that? Give me a good argument why the govt. shouldn’t do it.

    2. @Muhammad Najib yes but in this country its not up to the federal government its up to the states bc the states have different needs imagine them closing down Alaska bc of new Yorks infections its not right to do it so they don’t and in my opinion i think keeping people locked up and dependent is there way of trying to subjugate the people into Communism when you know it should be a Democratic republic based in free market capitalism and god given rights

    3. @Jake0Lantern 48 the question was should the govt provide medical equipment?? No one is discussing lockdown measures. NY state was competing against other states asking China for medical equipment. Result? Price war and unnecessary loss of time. There are times when division of power is damaging. This is one of them.

    1. Yolanda Denny it also doesn’t help to tell people it’s ok to be in group and protest because that is where this spike came from

  4. The truth is this – when the testing supplies, therapeutic drugs, ventilators, & hospital beds run out…we are screwed. We’re gonna really see how harmless this is.

    1. Mr A please doctor, explain to me how they don’t help? What sage wisdom do you have to bestow upon us.

    2. 06 Michael a big agenda? From almost every country in the world? All to make Trump look incompetent? What’s the agenda exactly? Canada locked down. Took care of business. Now they are back in business. You wouldn’t know it because they closed the border. Same with the EU.

    3. Stacia _911 & when there isn’t? Testing supplies are already running low in Arizona. Hospital beds are running low in a few places right now…

  5. I can’t imagine the horror of dying alone with your loved ones not being able to be with you. All not because of something inevitable but because of a total collapse of government and lack of empathy and compassion.

    1. Then on the flip side think about the loved ones…. Knowing they will never see that person again and feeling helpless that there’s nothing they can do… I lost my grandma to this… knowing I couldn’t see her again, knowing she would be along… Broke me and my heart.

    2. Please seek mental help. The Hospital Doctors not the President say who comes in Hospital rooms. You poor soul. Is this a resent mental issue or have you always been like this?

  6. Thanks Comou brothers. Ur helping educate and enlighten ppl daily.
    I’ve crush on ur bro. Lol

    1. @Kent Horvath I’m too broke 2 b stupid. U need to face reality. U must live n fantasy. Cuz down here, where real ppls lives r n danger, we want to live….

    2. @Green Leader and none of the tRumpers r practicing social distancing and wearing a mask. When Chris was sick,we didn’t know as much as we do now.

  7. Thank you Chris Cuomo for expressing your legitimate and justified frustration and anger! This country is going through a very trying time……..

  8. I wouldn’t waste any time pleading anything to this man, he incapable of feeling and caring for absolutely no one, his ego is to big.

    1. Listening to the Fredo Cuomo whining is just precious. He is a wreck, he knows Trump is going to get Reelected and it kills Fredo inside to think …4 More Years of pushing fake Trump News.

    2. Trump is a total narcissist,sociopath.he is incapable of caring for anyone but himself.

    3. @Wayne Dome Wanna bet? Biden gets 330 electoral votes easy. States he will lose…..FL, MI, PA, WI, MN, AZ, and NC. He

    1. I hate to be the one to tell you this. The government doesn’t care about you. The Republican and Democratic parties are equally disgusting with no exceptions.

    2. Green Leader exactly… they cry defund police… need to defund the government and start over

    3. I am in Australia and there was never a whole country approach your states are trash New York is a joke.

    4. I believe it’s a “hole” in the government’s response. The bottom is falling out and the number of cases and deaths are going up. Ignorance and defiance is winning against common sense, wear a f&%$ing mask for crying out loud! Protect yourself and others doing so. Please don’t listen to the shithole president or his government, they won’t help you! Listen to people with a brain like Fauci ; he will be fired soon by your president….. Then go and vote this menace out of office. The US is being embarrassed worldwide and your people are dying, this is SO sad and doesn’t have to happen!

  9. I have typed this before and I will continue to.

    Personally I would rather wear a mask than a ventilator. It’s not rocket science.

    1. Also, I would rather wear a mask than ask someone else to wear a ventilator. So many people are being terribly selfish and shortsighted about this. It’s infuriating to watch videos of maskless people shouting at masked store employees, knowing those employees are the ones more at risk in that situation.

    1. @Robert A. dude, he absolutely said said he never jokes and he wasn’t joking when he made the statement about slowing testing down. You can watch the video, it’s really easy

    2. @Be Best, Be Gone I’m not going to scoop down to your level and attempt to insult you. We can have a debate without attacking each other. There is no research or data to prove what he said actually happened. In fact, cdc task force members have testified that they were never advised to “slow down testing”.

    3. @y0umust whipit I have watched both videos, thank you. It’s too bad you guys don’t criticize Andrew Cuomo as much as you do Trump for his handling of the virus in his own state. You probably haven’t heard though because you don’t like to do your own research and CNN doesn’t like to report about it.

    4. Jameson Wood Like when Trump told Mattis to investigate nuking hurricanes. Mattis told Trump, “Yes sir!” To the rest Mattis told them, “We’re not doing that. Just leave him to forget the whole thing.” And sure enough, he did.

      If testing wasn’t slowed down like Trump insisted, I’m betting he told them to cut testing in the middle of a pandemic and his staff just decided to ignore the order.

    1. OK NOT 99% BUT According to the CDC we have had over 24,000,000 cases that those people needed no medical treatment. HOWS THAT . Cuomo and your other 4 east coast idiots KILLED 20,000 people. Your brother is so inept. All you do is stoke fear . Its over! Your all a bunch fools

    2. The guy is insane but. Let’s keep calling our Congress men and women and Demand Nationalized testing and tracing.
      And I think the Billionaires should be doing something too
      They made and make their money off Americans

      Its name names time again.
      And Ye olde boycotts.
      That gets their attention.
      I think the amount of money they have in and of its self is Disgusting.
      How do you rationalize that?
      Don’t you know any poor folks

    3. @Maxine McClurd We need T-hirts that read, If I can Reach You With My Knife You’re Too Damned Close.

  10. “you have to take responsibility” by the author of “I was supposed to be in my basement in confinement”

  11. So we are still talking about washing hands, masks, testing after 4 months. IT looks like we are living in a failed state.

    1. @Heidi Farmer go back from the beginning. China Who withheld. Trump shut down flights called racists. The test are not reliable. They acted as if we would fall dead. After all these months nobody i know or myself has covid. Wear a mask dont wear gloves heat kills. They sent people to a nursing home to kill them. They predicted this a long time ago. HN1 had more deaths. . If you believe this bullshit, you will end up in a fema. Camp. Sheep. Research drs do not believe it. They speak out they get a letter from the health board….

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