Chris Hayes: Breaking The Legitimacy Of Our Elections Breaks Everything Else 1

Chris Hayes: Breaking The Legitimacy Of Our Elections Breaks Everything Else


“We have seen the Republican Party wage their assault on democracy in many ways,” says Chris Hayes. “But ultimately, what democracies rest on is legitimacy and their perception thereof. And that is what the Arizona audit is about. They are trying to destroy that legitimacy."
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  1. The audit is not an audit, and will change nothing. The orange looney tune lost, more than anyone ever lost before. We have a real president, and he’s gonna be there until 2025.

    1. @Michael Palmer”Come let us reason together! ” I saw the video with the explanation by GOP and then the one by knowledgeable state experts. They said the video was chop and paste deception. If this and ANY other evidence was valid ONE of sixty court cases would have called it out. Although it shouldn’t matter to an impartial judge, party affiliations were not mostly GOP, some were even APPOINTEES. GOP could call in the Hague, the UN or another international body to verify election. But they don’t because they really have ZIP.

    2. @Kar Walker I’m not sure which video you referenced. To me the strongest evidence is the statistical anomolies. In many thousands of counties the mail in ballots favored Biden by around 60%, but in a handful of democrat strongholds within red states it was 95%. In these same counties there were blocked windows, republican watchers kicked out, ignored court orders, and suspicious pipe leaks. These were the only counties that didn’t finish counting on time, and they were the only ones with voter turnout between 90-105%.

      There is tons of circumstantial evidence. There is no proof because every attempt to invest has been blocked. If the Dems won fairly they would invite audits to prove it. The only reason it’s happening in AZ is because they verified thousands of registrations with fake addresses. When interpolated out, it is over twice as many as needed to flip the state. There was also the unusual number of ajudicated ballots, and so far, the auditors haven’t found the original ballots. Without the originals the duplicates are invalid.

    3. @Richard Grier Tons of evidence if you open your eyes. Just like there was tons of evidence of a lab leak and the ineffectiveness of lockdowns and a mask. Now everything Fouchi ever said has been proven a lie. Guess who was right along? Trump and his supporters.

    4. @Michael Palmer oh the secret magic evidence that only trump supporters can see and magically disappears in court. Also masks do work and there is real easily found evidence to prove it. Cherry picking facts is how you end up stupid.

    5. @Richard Grier There is significant evidence that masks don’t prevent the transmission of a virus. And there’s common sense. And there’s the Fouchi emails where he admits it. The man was wrong about HIV and he was wrong about MASKS and he was wrong about lock downs.

      Data doesn’t lie. States where masks and lockdowns didn’t occur performed the same or better than where they did. Many studeis over many years show that cloth coverings and surgical masks have little to no effect on viral transmission.

      95% mail in ballot votes for one candidate in 5 democrat counties where they had 95% turnout is statistically impossible when compared to the results in every other county in the USA.

    1. @David Flynn Nah he laughed in public every time someone brings up President Kid Sniffer at the WH

    2. @Tony Albany You know the Pee Pee tape BS was debunked like 2 years ago right , I hope you’re trolling atm and not serious

  2. This is so scary that Arizona would hand over the ballots to a private entity that’s partisan!!

  3. Ward is a nutball. One of several who like Gosar, Lesko, and Biggs are still sticking to the fable of “the big lie”. So embarrassing.

  4. When this level of crazy goes down in other Countries America sends in Independent Election Officials to observe.

    1. It is insane! Can you imagine that ALL other countries outside the U.S. require I.D. to vote? Even third-world countries where people can barely afford food! You’re sure right, this is insane! We need to, and likely will, audit every state.

    2. ​@i Restrepo Most countries also have their elections on the weekend and lines aren’t much longer than 30 minutes to vote, so we should have all of that too. Also, Gerrymandering and the Electoral College should be removed since no democracy has them.
      I’m all for voter ID as long as it’s provided to everyone for free, which Republicans would obviously rail against.

  5. If the well is poisoned, irrespective of how many times you dip the bucket, you will never get fresh water.

  6. I note that the conspiracy nut network interviewer failed to ask two key questions: What are you looking for and have you found anything?
    Because they have no idea what they are doing, have found nothing, and all they’re doing is making noise to provide an excuse for psychotically anti-democratic laws.

  7. The audit will end only when they get the results they want. I cannot see them leaving this gymnasium saying Biden did win Maricopa County.

    1. @Wallace Wallaby – and who knows what else they may have done. allowing strangers to handle ballots is actually against the law.

    2. Of course they won’t. They are tampering with voting machines and changing ballots. That was their goal all along. This is an important reminder that every single machine they touch will need to be immediately destroyed once this is over and never again used in an election. They are all compromised.

    3. @Jay Donnelly Hit a nerve with truth? Ad hominem personal attack when NO intelligent argument is a well known and much used Trumpist card .or is it Russian?

  8. My but they are so proud of themselves as they burn down everything America has stood for almost 250 years and spit on the graves of all who have died defending it.

  9. I felt like I was living in a different reality when we moved into the Q&A and reporters repeatedly demanded Giuliani ‘give us the evidence’

  10. “Let us conduct the audits if you have nothing to hide” as if that doesn’t undermine the very election integrity y’all claim to care so much about, and who’s paying for all this 2 well who else but the AZ taxpayer, money which could be better used idk actually helping veterans in that state like y’all claim to want when it’s spent on anything else

  11. Your last statement is particularly chilling: “levels of damage and destruction that even its advocates cannot imagine.” Horrifying!

    1. clinton still claims that trump stole the election from her. maybe you’re just said because no one checked to see if her claim had any merit like ppl are for trump. hello jealousy.

    2. @CHANNEL Q oh, so THAT’S why she conceded the election. And no, Hillary hasn’t made public claims of voter fraud. She was right however, that Russia interfered in the election on Trumps behalf.

    3. IF they “find” some “irregularity” Democrats have the right to make THEIR audits. Election integrity is symmetrical

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