Chris Hayes On Mitch McConnell’s ‘Big Tactical Error’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. NO. McConnell does whatever Netanyahu tells him. As does DT and everybody else in the US government. This Putin BS is a distraction

    2. THE PHANTOM says the fake youtube acct run by a fervent anti-semite. Why are u so hateful of jews. You should be ashamed of yourself for showing so much hate for jews.


  2. Mitch McConnell is destroying the reputations of the United States Senate, the office of the Majority Leader and turtles everywhere.

    1. Billy Pardew He ratted on himself on tv and so did rudy. Now we have messages proving it again. 90 minutes after his perfect call the pentagon was told to hold the money and shut up. Anyone for some cooked goose? Why keep people from testifying? One of the articles was obstruction by stopping people from testifying so his response is to keep people from testifying. Seems legit. Any innocent man keeps his own people from testifying while complaining they have no due process. Sorry Billy but you have a bit of something orange on your chin.

    1. No, she was “disturbed” that Moscow Mitch aired his partisan opinion of the trial outcome before it had even started. Don’t recall her opinion on Trump’s actions making the headlines.

    2. Bbbbut it’s the same party ! You’re supposed to support your color tie no matter what the cost to those pesky “citizens” . Read the GOP handbook!

  3. Let’s not forget how McConnell treated Obama’s presidency, the black and white behavior could never be more clear.

    1. You mean just like the Democrats did when they were impeaching our president boy you don’t like it when the shoe’s on the other foot do you

  4. She is a Republican…I don’t believe anything coming out of her mouth…at all… She had done this kind of thing before..she is playing her role…as always..

    1. Very true will says this with the hope it will make her seem fair and balanced and punch her ticket heaven, but most of us already know her answer.

    2. @Bojana Albahari What she fears is the fact that back home Alaska has a bunch of far-right people who’d love to run against her if Trump decides someone like Sarah would be more pliable in this shameful US Senate.

  5. Murkowski obviously wants something. Here’s her signal to Trump and McConnell that they need to ask her what it is. She did this with Kavanagh, however you spell his name (“I like BEER!!” That guy) and he’s happily sitting on the supreme court for life.

    1. @SpectroMan indicted for what for what some lunatic said he did 30 years ago that not one single person will verify. And on and even the witness said she had forgotten about it until it was brought out by her therapist while being hypnotized. Give us a f****** break I’d like to know one law enforcement agencies that it would ever take that case up

    2. Billy Pardew which leg you want broke……..I’m just saying…… you asked! He lied to Congress! Under oath ……..oh I’m sorry, I forgot y’all don’t care about truth! See ya at the polls asshat!

  6. People must not forget that McConnell’s wife is Trump’s Transportation Secretary. She was accused of shady business dealings just like most of Trump’s corrupt administration. McConnell knows if he doesn’t protect her, there’s a strong possibility she will pay a price for her crimes as well. Everyone involved with Trump is crooked!

    1. @Jeff Woods Straight out of the Trump playbook. Turn it around and accuse the opposition of what you are guilty of. Pathetic. And transparent.

    2. @savannah505 Irrelevant means not connected to. It’s not a denial, an endorsement, or a justification. Understanding seems to be in short supply in Trump supporters.

    3. @seaofghosts Coming from a person who I’ve seen nothing about flaws or broken laws on the left and an insult about “understanding in short supply of Trump supporters” I would say you choose to only go against Trump supporters, I call it hypocritical.

    4. @Jim Myers He talked about corruption there before all this impeachment crap, you just don’t hear about it from MSM or social media, because they want to paint him in a bad light. Can’t you see this? How about answering up to my statements? Seems you don’t want to address all of those, were you silent or condemning on the Covington kids? Did you think that Kavanaugh was targeted by the dems? Seems all the dems have done is work to impeach Trump from day one. Gee, I only saw video of that the day he was sworn in. Talk to me about how the witnesses at his impeachment BS showed that Trump broke the law, they didn’t when questioned by one of the Repubs, I think it was Jim Jordan?? I think it was someone else actually. Go ahead, tell me what you think of those issues. If you only want to say Trump is guilty of everything, then your not being anything but a hypocrite with an opinion.

    1. Yeah, it’s probably a trick. Once Pelosi thinks a few Republicans will vote with Dems on procedure, they’ll move forward and those Republicans will admit they were lying about wanting to be fair.

    2. None have a spine. Only a thirst for blood. I mean money. I mean power. I don’t believe one word she says. Pretty soon Collins will come out and say the same thing.


    1. Why do you say this? Perhaps you think McConnell will read your comment and think “well goodness gracious me, he’s right. Dammit I’m going to recuse myself immediately!”

    2. @Mac Mcleod secret meetings in the basement of the White House were only Democrats not allowing the Republicans to have but three of the witnesses out of 10 they ask for stopping Republicans during questioning because they didn’t like the line of questioning been given don’t even try to sit here and tell me it wasn’t a f****** partisan impeachment with not one single Republican voting to impeach who in the f*** do you think you’re talking to stupid people you are you’re one of the stupid people if you think everybody is as dumb as you

    3. @Mac Mcleod every impeachment in the past has been bipartisan except this one. Pelosi said there’s no need for more witnesses and now she’s saying the Senate needs to. What was the point of rushing the impeachment inquiry?

    1. Grafight23 Unless it was orchestrated for exactly that reaction without her needing to further lift a finger in opposition to any of the GOP leadership’s machinations…

    2. Remember who we are dealing with here (McConnell). I say this as an extremely disgusted Kentuckian who can’t wait to give him his walking papers.

  8. She and the senator from Maine are always “disturbed” and “disappointed “ but in the end when it matters vote with the GOP 🙄🙄

    1. Yup…spineless cowards. …their places in history are going to make grim reading…traitors to the American dream.

  9. Murkowski’s a coward. She’s all show and any ethical objections she has to this mock trial McConnell has planned will disappear as soon as it actually matters. Why do people still keep giving her airtime like she actually has a backbone?

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