Chris Hayes On The ‘Damning’ Emails Sent Right After The Ukraine Phone Call | All In | MSNBC


  1. How much more will come out? This what Moscow Mitch doesn’t want. More evidence on top of the evidence already presented.

  2. Response from Senate jury: “We’re scared of what Orange Julius will do to us on twitter”. If Orange’s twitter account was pulled how much different would all of this be?

  3. Damming was already the word of the day like 6 times already which is OK but i don’t like to say it. When will this day be over.

  4. More evidence of Trump’s extortion of Ukraine.
    This time in paper trail.
    The GOP are still making fools of themselves trying to deflect and spin it, even though.

    The GOP can scratch the “G” (Grand) from their name and replace it with a “P” (Petty) instead.
    They are just humiliating themselves at this point.

  5. Comrade traitor Manchurian candidate Trumpinski, Moscow Mitch, and Devin Nuninski will be given hero status in the future USSR!

  6. A mere coincidence, just like the fact that everything Trump does in international politics benefits his friend and patron Vlad Putin.

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