Chris Hayes On The GOP Response To The Afghanistan Withdrawal 1

Chris Hayes On The GOP Response To The Afghanistan Withdrawal


“This happened while Biden was president. There should be congressional hearings,” says Chris Hayes. “But I just cannot stomach watching feckless Republicans and right-wing TV personalities callously carping about this, particularly the purveyors of the same war that got us to this point."
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    1. Biden changed two dozen Trump plans his first week in office, Iran being a great example. Biden changed the Afghan plan as well. Biden is deliberately putting the USA in harms way with his plans in every way, including it’s image and stature in the world……he has been attacking the US and Americans deliberately for the past 7 months

    2. @Bruh democrats fail to see their hypocrisy. I remember when the Trump admin got the vaccine months earlier then it was speculated we would have it. A bunch of liberals said they wouldn’t get the jab but then those same liberals attack people for not wanting the jab

    3. @J.g Orenne but you allowed trump to make a deal with terrorists behind the scenes of the Afghan government. Do you need something else to send trump to the jail for the rest of his life? It is more than enough.

    4. @M S I didn’t allow anything. Trump should be put in jail for his crimes before, during and after his presidency. Period

  1. oh forgot to say HEARINGS are useless in America a waste of time and money bc NOTHING HAPPENS AFTER NOBODY IS JAILED HELD ACCOUNTABLE so a waste of time

    1. @john smith remind me again which side required pet therapy and safe spaces when Trump won?

  2. In case you haven’t noticed it isnt just the right, or even just right wing media doing this. Your own network has been pushing negative narratives around the withdrawal since it started

    1. @Geo De Leon Those tactics are not applied equally by both sides. Not even remotely close. Total false equivalence.

    2. @CommaCam I’m about to post links showing the same Democrat representative contradicting himself then calling Republicans warmongers for the exact same thing in another video. Both sides are disgusting

    3. @CommaCam “Those tactics are not applied “equally by both sides”.. But they are applied by both sides. Thank you. And yes it doesn’t take but a minute to find a democratic and republican reporter doing all the things i just stated above. It’s in pretty much every news cast.

    4. @Dean F. put an actual plan in place so you don’t put yourself in a crisis situation evacuating thousands of people? Maybe pull out citizens first, then the 80 billion dollars of military equipment that was left to the taliban, then last citizens and allies? This situation is far worse then Saigon.
      You sheep are falling into the narrative they’re trying to create, that biden orchestrated this miracle evacuation. Problem is, his utter incompetence is responsible for creating the situation in the first place.

    5. @CommaCam lol ya, because left wing media is always acting in good faith. How many completely false scandals have they pumped out over the years? They’ve become nothing more then tabloid news, and the majority of leftists eat it up

  3. Really great and brave young American soldiers standing on that line. The families of the men killed and wounded have made a great sacrifice and I salute you. My heart was broken in 1967 when I lost my father in Vietnam . You are not alone.

  4. RIP Servicemen we should being back the draft that’ll put an end to the military industrial complex.

  5. Maybe Biden should have flown the ISIS prisoners out to your neighborhood. Instead he let them go free in Afgan land.

  6. I don’t know how you think you can always blame trump. You change the border policy, you change the pipeline policy, you change climate policy but you couldn’t change the policy that costed American lives. I find it hard to believe that this is really Trump’s fault because you can have plans but you also need to react and make good decisions depending on the enemies moves. Getting out was the right decision but I would rather stay another year than leave Americans to die and Afghan allies

  7. “If history has taught us nothing….I wouldn’t be a bit surprised”, Aldous Huxley once said, more or less.

    Afghanistan has a written history over the last 200 years…that’s right, A HISTORY we could all have looked up in the library, of making invading then leaving a pattern that never went well for the invaders.

    But you would have to be smart to remember this. Or read books even. Learning seems to be one of the challenges, so I’ll repeat:

    Biden is the a-hole that treated this event like a trip to the ice cream shop, with little to no planning whatsoever.

    Just … “get it over with”….is about as much as he pondered it over a cone full of very distracting rocky road.

    You know the guy is a shell of a person, and his handlers are all inept, asleep at the wheel, don’t you?

    Biden takes the hit because he dared to.

    That’s what heads of state do.

    Trump… as you have dispatched, him he is of no relevance, and can’t be held responsible for anything. His decisions on Afghanistan were sound. We’ll never know how it would have played-out with DJT.

    But we did just see a feeble president give it nearly zero attention until it blew up in his jackassed face.

    Trump isn’t your one-size-fits-all scapegoat, as you seem to want to do.

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