Chris Hayes On The Status Of Crisis In The Middle East Post-Attack | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: “All of the conditions of instability and tension are still there—with no diplomatic channels.” Aired on 1/8/20.
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Chris Hayes On The Status Of Crisis In The Middle East Post-Attack | All In | MSNBC


    1. @rex gressett awww snowflake… I didn’t mean to offend you. Just stating a fact. Also, shouldn’t you be watching Fox or some other right winged desk jockey.

    2. you didn’t offend me you embarrassed yourself , You seem to have a rare talent for it. for example A snowflake is not a generic pejorative it means identical white liberals . get it? That would be you , not me , no offence Your problem is that you are a low information follower . Not your fault.. a great many basically stupid people buy into the MSM propaganda machine. Politics is not a video game . Go get some experience of life. I suggest you join the military since education in any meaningful way is not in the cards . LIve a little instead of rolling in the indolence of ignorance and shooting off your vulgar childish mouth. and perhaps just maybe you will learn how valuable how precious our freedoms are. and how vicious the attack on the presidency and on american values and by the way you might one day understand the reality of God. This is your last free lesson child. good luck.

  1. Donnie needs to start reading contracts NOW. NATO is not obliged to support any member state that starts a war, only thse which are attacked. Since key members of NATO have been trying to keep he Iran nuclear going, they are hardly likely to help him win a war he started with Iran. Of course,, the man is may be able to sound out words, but he seems totally unable to understand what they mean.

    1. I don’t want the orange kid to die while he’s the “president”. He shouldn’t get the honor that JFK did. So pls don’t wish for such a thing.

    1. UK ambassador called the tearing up of the Iran nuclear deal as “an act of diplomatic vandalism”.
      I like chainsaw diplomacy. Perfect.

  2. I think they randomly shot a drone over there and accidentally killed Soleimani and trump and all his butt lickers are still in shock.

    1. The people have been hijacked by this administration and the republican party. We are awake it’s only a matter of time before this nightmare is over and we start arresting the offenders.

  3. Can you shed more light on Adam Davidson’s tweets and articles about the deal that the Trump foundation had with Soleimani ?

  4. Can all be a distraction from something else.
    Please pay attention when the WH is bombarding us with news. Impeachment should go away silently until November, that is the goal here.

  5. 45 is scared 😱because Soleimai’s daughter said she wants revenge on his family. 😱That’s why he’s heavily sedated😱

  6. As a citizen of a NATO country… I’m not voting for any politician who supports our participation in Trumps attempt to distract from his impeachment.

  7. This is all payback for those European leaders making fun of the Donald. “You won’t laugh when the bombs go off and the whole Middle-East is on fire.”

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