1. @bingo_fuel They aren’t giving YOU their perspective, they are giving whomever is listening their perspective. You aren’t required to listen to it, shitgibbon.

    2. @bingo_fuel except this wasn’t the “news”, whatever that means to you. Don’t bother explaining, it isn’t like I expect you to say anything profound.

    3. @CShield they’re absolutely giving me their perspective lol. how sad you cant talk to someone without name calling. i see that “love Trumps hate” thing died out and now it’s “We hate anyone who disagrees with us” πŸ˜‚ gonna get Trump reelected easily

    4. @bingo_fuel Sweetheart, you aren’t required to listen to it, or agree with it. You’re whining and crying about something you don’t have to listen to. Blink twice if you’re here against your will. πŸ™„

    1. @Alfred Nueman how about they are BOTH problems. also, MSNBC was on air before Fox News, so if anything, Fox was the response lol. nice try

    2. MSNBC was founded about 2 months before Fox News. Big deal. I’m sure Fox News’ politics were thought out long before MSNBC went political.

    3. @bingo_fuel Dude, you’re crying on the internet about something you’re not required to watch. You have choices, yet you inexplicably chose to whine and cry. You’re a sad little troll, shitgibbon.

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