Chris Hayes Podcast With Debbie Mucarsel-Powell | Why Is This Happening? - Ep 138 | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes Podcast With Debbie Mucarsel-Powell | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 138 | MSNBC


What happened to the down-ballot Democrats? Going into election day, Democrats were expecting to pick up seats and expand their control of the House. Instead, they suffered consequential blows, still managing to hold the majority but ultimately losing seats. It was a shock that launched a bevy of post-mortems trying to figure out what went wrong. For Florida Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell it was impossible to sit back and listen as folks diagnosed from the sidelines what she had experienced firsthand; elected to office in part of the 2018 blue wave, Rep. Mucarsel-Powell lost her re-election bid this November. In fact, her majority-Hispanic district swung 22 points to Trump this year. While there are no straightforward clean cut answers about what unfolded in the election, Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell offers a clear-eyed take of what she witnessed in Southern Florida and what she thinks the biggest lesson is for the Democratic Party.
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Chris Hayes Podcast With Debbie Mucarsel-Powell | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 138 | MSNBC


    1. @KAY BROWN unfortunately they’re for centrist dems. Whenever Bernie was talked about it was always with the tone of him being controversial as he was considered so radical! Get a centrist on there and they’ll talk about any old crap as long as everyone agrees at the end!

    2. @Keith Bertschin I totally agree. They pushed me toward Bernie in 2016 because I saw nothing but contempt from those people when they talked about him. I investigated him and found out I agreed with a lot of his positions. I see how the media has used up it’s goodwill with the people with their use of manipulation and half truths.

  1. WHY?, “we’re in a situation where we have put together I think, the most EXTENSIVE and INCLUSIVE VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION in the history of American politics”. Braggart Joe Biden, Oct 2020, telling the World. What part requires clarity? Not on President Trumps Watch.

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