1. @Mike Wagner
      I’m not translating anything, mate. Your god is no more than a volcano god updated to omnipresent around the time of the Babylonian incarceration, due to the fact that the priestly class – the Levites – had to find a way of bringing the mountain to them since they could no longer go to the mountain themselves. This dilemma was solved by their incorporating the Persian religion (mostly itself from Hinduism) into their own volcano god belief system. A Yahweh 2.0, if you will. And this, my friend is what all you Abrahamists have been worshipping ever since. A nonentity.

      No much how much you close your eyes and wish to believe, Middle Eastern volcano gods do not build universes, let alone the loathesome and murderous cartoon character written about in the Bible. Even the invented Satan character had at least some morals, if the Book of Job is anything to go by.

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