Chris Hayes Podcast With Edward Foley – Why Is This Happening? – Ep 131 | MSNBC

Chris Hayes Podcast With Edward Foley - Why Is This Happening? - Ep 131 | MSNBC 1


We are just weeks away from an unprecedented election day. In order to vote safely during the pandemic, more people than ever are voting by mail or early in person, and early numbers point to a strong likelihood of record turnout. There are hundreds of lawsuits across the country centered on access to polling places, ballot drop boxes, and deadlines for ballots. And on top of all of that, we have a President whose rhetoric is directly aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the election if he doesn’t win. This week, election law professor, Edward Foley, sits down to give an under-the-hood look at our election administration and the current logistical concerns, and walks through the worst-case legal scenarios of a contested election result.
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Chris Hayes Podcast With Edward Foley – Why Is This Happening? – Ep 131 | MSNBC

11 Comments on "Chris Hayes Podcast With Edward Foley – Why Is This Happening? – Ep 131 | MSNBC"


  2. Kyle Rittenhouse, NOT GUILTY.
    2 democrat shock troopers down.

  3. Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020..Obama Biden and the Democrats had 8 years in Office and did nothing for this Country. #MAGA2020

  4. Mike Lee and others don’t believe in Democracy, even though that’s how he obtained his Senate seat. I believe in accepting varying points of view to create synergy but right wing false equivalence creates self fulfilling prophecies that ask you to accept their point of view without giving proper weight to the effects of their philosophy. *Basically, they want you to respect what they believe because they believe it.* Very little truth or facts in their ideology, it’s no wonder the conspiracy theories are so rampant and easily weaponized on that side of the aisle. For them, Democracy is subordinate to THEIR prosperity and power.

  5. Joe Biden is a crook!!!! The emails prove it!!!! There is nothing the “liberal media” can do about it, even with their “Ministry of Truth!!!!’

  6. Tommy Westbrook | October 16, 2020 at 5:47 PM | Reply

    Let’s talk about Hunter Biden computer

  7. Trailin' Annie | October 16, 2020 at 6:55 PM | Reply

    The Joe Biden that MSNBC will NEVER tell you about:

    FACT: Joe spent 36 YEARS in the Senate and then 8 years as VP. FACT: During that time, the US lost hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and hundreds of companies BECAUSE OF LAWS ENACTED BY THE CONGRESS HE WAS PART OF! FACT: He voted to allow this ‘off-shoring’ to happen! FACT: Kamala Harris accurately pointed out his segregationist past and his admitted friendships with racists AND she supported the women that accused him of sexual abuse, until she became his VP pick!! FACT: During his tenure we had the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, BROUGHT ON BY LOBBY MONEY into Congress that Biden partook in!

    FACT: He voted to send troops to fight in so-called ‘WARS’ where we got nothing but a lot of dead and wounded US Soldiers. FACT: He was VP while the Veterans Administration was ABSOLUTELY ignored and these soldiers received third world care! FACT: While he was VP he authored the Crime Bill that incarcerated an inordinate number of Blacks for extremely long sentences for even minor drug offenses. FACT: He bragged about authoring this bill MANY TIMES yet now he is running from it! AND, FACT: In his final act as VP, he presided over the last election where the Russians were doing a bunch of stuff to interfere, the whole time Obama & Biden knew about it AND DID NOTHING!!

    Now he is telling us he is “tough on violence” as he sat quietly for 90+ days with the other liberals as cities were rioted, looted and burned. Now he is telling us he cares about Blacks as most of their neighborhoods have decayed and have been taken over by drug dealers and gangs while he has been in Washington AND DID NOTHING!!! Now he claims HE is the one to ‘fix’ the corruption in Washington that he has been a big part of for most of his life!! Now he is running a commercial of how HE “rescued the country from the Great Recession”? ‘Come On Man’!!!!

    FACT: Liberals have always credited Obama for anything good that has happened, including all the good that had happened while Trump has been in office, UP UNTIL COVID! So, either all liberals are lying OR Biden is!!

    Final FACTS: A Vice President doesn’t actually do much and surely cannot take credit for an economic recovery. FYI: ANYONE could have turned the country around if they had $10 Trillion Dollars to spend! FACT: I only post verifiable FACTS. Think For Yourselves!!

  8. Trailin' Annie | October 16, 2020 at 7:03 PM | Reply

    Liberal Jane Fonda spoke the actual liberal belief recently, “COVID is God’s gift to the left”. Think about that for a minute!!!! Liberals are actually HAPPY that COVID provides an opportunity to ‘win’ an election because they HATE someone that has NEVER done ANYTHING to them. COVID brought about an economic slowdown that Bill Maher and the likes are on tape had actually been hoping for!! AND liberals have so much HATE that they are willing to elect ANYONE other that Trump, even if the person has Dementia and cannot perform the job!! And, as always, here are the links to the FACTS:

  9. Trailin' Annie | October 16, 2020 at 7:20 PM | Reply

    Ice Cube takes heat for working with Trump!! FACTS that MSNBC will NEVER tell you: It is estimated that Trump/Republicans will draw an estimated 14-20% of the Black vote and close to 30% of the brown vote!!! I wonder what you liberals call all these people?? Are they racists or are they traitors to their race or are they just deplorables???

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