Chris Hayes Podcast With Zeynep Tufekci | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 135 | MSNBC

Chris Hayes Podcast With Zeynep Tufekci | Why Is This Happening? - Ep 135 | MSNBC 1


The U.S. just surpassed 10 million confirmed cases of coronavirus as infection rates spike across the country. If you look at the charts tracking the reported cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, it shows the country on a dangerous trajectory. How did we get to this point? Sociologist Zeynep Tufekci has spent time studying the sociology of pandemics and says her alarm bells were going off all the way back in January. She’s spent months writing with an almost unparalleled clarity about the many interlocking aspects of the pandemic, often with insights than turn out to be well ahead of the curve. Tufekci lends her insights on the early missteps in containing this pandemic and what a success story would look like.
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Chris Hayes Podcast With Zeynep Tufekci | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 135 | MSNBC

17 Comments on "Chris Hayes Podcast With Zeynep Tufekci | Why Is This Happening? – Ep 135 | MSNBC"

  1. Saoirse Cushing | December 3, 2020 at 2:15 PM | Reply

    Why don’t Americans have affordable healthcare, education and housing like Europeans ?

  2. Georgia VOTE FOR DEMOCRAT Jan 5 2021!

  3. *Hold up…Trump doesn’t want to cause a panic. Wasn’t that his words??*

  4. In good form, I am going to comment before listening to this. You know, Chris, I think we (in a truly global sense) because the idea that democracy is about “the people” is not really true. Oh, we vote, but in every government, the people are truly lost. Money speaks, money has access, money has power. Your Supreme Court made a big mistakes in both rulings and case considerations that involve corporation personhood and Super PAC’s, but you are not alone in the world. We are in this crazy world because people no longer know whom they can/should trust.

    • @Doug Thomson Probably a little known book in the States, old English novel, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

    • How very interesting. I did a quick look for the book, found a summary and now will see if I can find it in its original form.

    • @Doug Thomson Have lost my original hardback hard to find best of luck good chatting. That book sorted my head out when in a mean place. I recommend be on syllabus for all western democracies.

    • @James Thomas It is readily available and I now have it. See project Gutenberg. Thanks for the referral. I think it will be an interesting read.

    • @Doug Thomson Oh. Just read it like a novel with the only agenda, interesting title.

  5. You know, sorry going off topic of this conversation guys, but everyone is going on about education in the States. I am gonna make a suggestion of a book that most folk should give a go. Sorry long winded title, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist. An old English novel, not about pandemics but about caring. It is often regarded as socialist propaganda, make up your own mind on that theory. It had impact on me (a mean selfish SOaB) so stay safe guys happy days are on way.

  6. Echoeversky Ü | December 3, 2020 at 3:06 PM | Reply

    Bruh, this is like a 12 Monkey’s analysis.

  7. Government is of, for and by the people… not of, for me by the corporation

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