Chris Hayes Puts The Scale Of Coronavirus Deaths In Perspective | All In | MSNBC

“It's easy to lose sight of that with day after day of charts and statistics showing the COVID fatality rate climbing up, as if we're just watching which way a colored line on a chart goes,” says Chris Hayes. “But right now we have a hostage situation. The virus is taking people hostage—every day, by the thousands.” Aired on 7/27/2020.
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Chris Hayes Puts The Scale Of Coronavirus Deaths In Perspective | All In | MSNBC


  1. Covid deaths today:

    Japan – 0
    New Zealand – 0
    Spain – 0
    Belgium – 0
    South Korea – 1
    Germany – 2
    Portugal – 2
    Italy – 5
    Australia – 6
    The UK – 7
    France – 9
    Canada – 11

    The USA – 596

    Donald Trump “We have the lowest fatality rate in the world”
    Donald Trump “We are the envy of the world right now”

    Source: Worldometer

    1. @Ged Farnan I know. They have literally 100% eradicated the virus from their country. Since June 8th, their people are people have been free to go to bars, nightclubs, sports events safe in the knowledge that they won’t get sick!

      But yeah, Trump thinks the US is the envy of the world right now……..

    2. Ged Farnan that is because you don’t let Trump and his insane clown posse visit or address the nation in any way, shape or form.
      That is the main mitigation technique…

  2. Daily Reminder: Trump called the Corona virus a Democrat hoax that would miraculously disappear.

    1. rosalind
      Strange. 🤔 Why doesn’t Herman simply get a evangelical in and “pray the covid away”?

    2. Most viruses that are out there all disappear by summertime..this is the frist one that has not who would have ever guess sure you would have had it wrong as well

  3. It seems only rich old Americans get to decide their fate, whether they live or die via covid. Everyday workers and most people who actually need to work for their money, don’t have that luxury.

    1. Because they have lobbyists who lobby on their behalf. Theres over 200 million funneled into lobbying every year from big corporations but only 1-2 million for actual working people.

    2. @Justice Boofer dah rich young fit that category too, he was talking about the older population only. Either way no one person gets to make that decision for everyone.

    1. The most stupid thing about herd immunity is that it means all the hospitals will fill up with covid patients (as is happening right now in Florida, Texas and Arizona).

      So if you live in one of those states and you have a heart attack or a car accident and you need hospital treatment. You won’t be able to get any, cos all of the ICU beds will be full of covid patients.

      Going for herd immunity will not just cause 100,000’s of covid deaths. It will cause many thousands of deaths from other causes too!

    2. @Football Nerd The number of hospitalizations is going down in states like Texas and Arizona. The fatalities are dropping like a rock too. I live in Texas. Things aren’t what they seem. We’ve flattened the curve and it is being ignored. We had a small jump due to reopening as expected. Oh well. Good luck, stay safe.

  4. The virus didn’t magically disappear like Trump said it would, but in just a matter of five short months, 148 thousand Americans disappeared.

    1. Most of these deaths were all in Democrats cities how can you blame President Trump..when the dems said go to Chinatown for their New Year’s party…

    2. @Bas Smith I’d always had a problem with anti-americans now i see them everyday on some news station trying to hurt innocent people or destroy something.. so let my head be stuck..

  5. I believe if there was a major terrorist attack it would be handle just as ineptly as the handling of the pandemic.

    1. In the hours after 9/11 Trump bragged live on radio, that he now how the tallest tower in lower Manhattan! Not a word of condolence for the victims, not a hint of shock or sadness in his voice. Just a casual brag about the size of his tower.

      Now imagine if he was president back then!

  6. Trump: “We don’t talk about what we’ve discuss, but we had plenty of discussion, and I Think it was very productive” conversations with Putin.

  7. Donald Trump quotes on covid:

    February 10th – “By April, when it gets a bit warmer, it will miraculously go away”
    February 25th – “We’re very close to a vaccine”
    February 26th – “We have 15 cases and within a couple of days that’s going to be down close to zero so that’s a pretty good job we’ve done”
    February 26th – “The infection seems to have gone down over the last 2 days. We’re going to be at 5 people pretty soon. And we could be at just 1 or 2 people over the next short period of time”
    February 28th –  “This is the democrats new hoax”
    March 6th – “It’s going to go away, hopefully at the end of the month”
    March 11th –  “We’re more prepared to fight the virus than any other country. The virus doesn’t stand a chance against us”
    March 13th – “I don’t take responsibility at all”
    March 16th –  “I rate my handling of the outbreak as a 10 out of 10”
    March 24th –  “We never shut the country down for flu”
    April 10th – “I looks as though we’ll only have 60,000 deaths, which is substantially lower than what any of the scientists thought”
    April 16th – “We are past the peak”
    April 23rd – “We have one of the lowest mortality rates in the world”
    April 23rd – “Suppose we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light. Supposing you brought light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some way”
    April 24th – “Disinfectant knocks it out in 1 minute. Can we use that? By injecting it inside the body?”
    April 25th – “There might not be a 2nd wave once we reopen. It might not come back at all”
    May 3rd – “We’re going to lose anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 people”
    May 5th – “With or without a vaccine, it’s going to pass”
    May 13th – “If we did less testing, we would have less cases. So in a way, by doing all of this testing it makes me look bad”
    May 21st – “When we have a lot of cases, I don’t look at that as a bad thing. I look at it as a good thing because it means our testing is much better. So I view it as a badge of honour. Really, it’s a badge of honour”
    June 15th – “If you don’t test you don’t have any cases. If we stopped testing right now we’d have very few cases, if any”
    June 17th – “The virus is dying out”
    June 19th – “I have done a phenomenal job with covid”
    June 19th – “Testing is a double edged sword. So I said to my people slow the testing down please”
    July 1st – “I think that, at some point, it’s just going to sort of, disappear”
    July 4th – “We’re well on our way to a tremendous victory over this virus”
    July 10th – “Texas and Florida are going to have it under control very quickly”
    July 13th – “Testing is a double edged sword. When you test you create cases, so we’ve created cases”
    July 13th – “We have the lowest covid mortality in the world”
    July 17th – “We are the envy of the world for how we’ve dealt with this”

    Vote this liar out!

  8. The “America that everyone loves” does not exist. Most people have a miserable, poverty-stricken existence and need no further convincing that the Republicans are trying to make matters worse for them at every opportunity – even taking Trumpf and coronavirus out of the picture completely. And, being a senile old codger does not mean you can speak for all old codgers.

  9. This crisis was the first real test of Trump’s leadership, and he couldn’t possibly have done a worse job of it. There is no conceivable way you can justify letting him have a second term.

  10. “Pandemic Crisis”
    “Economic Crisis”
    “Housing Crisis”
    “Health Crisis”
    “Constitutional crisis”

    “….If you get it in order, you get extra points,”

  11. Johnny Cash once sang mournfully, “each we we lose a hundred fine young men!” How far we have come.

  12. Yup, let’s open schools so we can educate millions of kids while spreading covid-19 to their parents, grandparents and any other adult these kids come in contact with! This is like trying to put a forest fire out with gasoline!

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