Chris Hayes: Republicans Have Been Lying About Roe V. Wade For Years

Chris Hayes: Republicans Have Been Lying About Roe V. Wade For Years 1


  1. Republicans say that they are pro life and yet they do not believe that a deadly pandemic is REAL…the hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    1. @Doug Lowe honestly I would love to see a liberal party who didn’t try to make everything about race in this country. I have brown skin and I’ve lived in Honduras, I was very far left as a youth and I still have some of those ideals but with age I’ve come to see the value of conservative thought as well
      In this country discourse and debate (2 tenants essential to democracy) are dead and THATS sad

    2. @JJ J you and everyone else have the right to get vaccinated, if you fear the virus GET THE VACCINE, if you have the vaccine then why does it matter if I’m not vaccinated, how does that effect you?

    3. yea, electric share or firing squad, but don’t make it easy for women to access birth control and then make it illegal to have an abortion. Then they complain that immigrants and black people have to many babies. the list of conflicting points that make no sense at all goes on and on. something is relay missing in their thinking. Makes me angry.

    4. @Reed Thompson Re the race card…to an extent the Dems play that hand too much. However, the blatantly racist voter suppression tactics of the Right can’t be ignored and must be called out. Where we definitely agree is discourse should be on a higher level.

    1. @Reed Thompson They are still United States citizens who are not represented in the country of their citizenship. lf you asked the people of Puerto Rico iui f they would like to become a state, l believe the majority would answer in the affirmative. It is the question of would they like to become a state. When Trump withheld funds for their recovery, they had no electricity. Many dialysis patients died because of this, and this was unnecessary. Whether they are better off or not is not the real question here. It is that if they would like to become a state, they should be able to do so. If they don’t, fine. They should have a voice as U S. citizens, just like residents of Washington, D.C. I would welcome all of them. We are stagnating under regressive Republican rule.

    2. @Nancy Ross residents of Washington DC are represented
      I’m sorry but I just have to disagree with you but I respect your opinion. You say Republicans are against these changes, making DC an PR etc states because they won’t vote Republican I argue the contrary.
      To me I feel it’s dangerous to create new states because they will vote Democratic
      I think these are issues that are extremely partisan and I’m against that. Expanding the courts, creating new states etc are all plays so the Dems can have more power and Im against that. If I saw the Republican Party consolidating its power, gaining control of major institutions and going for a clean sweep in the division of powers I’d be against that to. I don’t think it’s safe and a good thing for a healthy democracy

    3. @Nancy Ross FYI “Reed” is a paid troll who earns more every time you respond. Don’t bother.
      Their “opinions” are just the lies and mistruths their boss wants them to promote. If “Reed” is a US citizen, then I am King of England.

    4. @Nancy Ross I’m so sorry for the suffering of the people of PR after that Hurricane but that still doesn’t justify them becoming a state. My family is from Honduras and there was far worse suffering there as 2 major hurricanes hit in one week, these are poor places in Latin America, they suffer harder when these things happen

  2. Repubs- “Ban a woman’s right to choose”!!!

    Repubs during covid- “My body my choice”!!!!

    1. @thom wessels actually republicans did say my body my choice, I had replies just like that

    2. GQP about the rights of an embryo: “your rights end where the rights of another person begin!”
      GQP about mask mandates: COMMUNISM

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Meh. Facts: You liberals are in favor of killing babies living on their own (remember your favorite ‘Blackface StepnFetchit Gov’na’, Ralph Northam)? Yeah, real nice heroes you choose there. Conservatives (I’m not a Republican so I can’t speak for them) are in favor of NOT murdering fetuses and actual living babies. You have a real disconnect with morality going that you don’t even see. That’s sad for you.

  3. They have been shutting down and attacking Planned Parenthood for years even though abortion is a small minority of functions they do and they try to talk pregnant women out of it. The majority of what they do is prenatal care so there is a healthy baby born. They also provide birth control and counseling. Most is prenatal care.

    1. Very true. Planned Parenthood was wonderful to me for 20 plus years. They are caring and understanding and make no judements on any decision that one might decide.They are personable, and professional and it’s just not women that are clients. They helped me tremendously, and I am so gratefull to them for all they did for me for so many years.

  4. The beauty of the Supreme Court is that it can always get much MUCH bigger to balance out pure insanity.

    1. It must. The problem is there are corrupt justices that shouldn’t be there even if power is balanced. At least one helped fund the insurrection then made a false statement in court perpetuating the big lie. He should be impeached for it.

    2. Thank you Jazz. Humanity has become very dependent on those worthless fetuses and that’s PROGRESS we shouldn’t stop! The last 40 years have brought about a MUCH better society than when we had HONEST Money and valued life. Wish I was into what you are into. I’m NOT.

  5. Hint guys: they don’t actually want Roe V Wade overturned. It’s too useful as a wedge issue.

    1. @Brett S. IDK. Within a year you’d have multiple stories of back alley abortions. They don’t really want their base to have to face facts.

    2. They rant about Dems taking away their guns when that never happens. Reality doesn’t matter to them.

    3. @Pete 913 Most Republican voters also support the right to choose. They use it to appeal to their hard right fanatical “Christian” base.

  6. I think there needs to be a big FREE CHILD CARE sign in front of the Supreme Court so women can work and not have to worry about child care. They probably wouldn’t interfere with women’s rights. You think.

  7. For those people to take up a case that has been consistently been decided in lower courts means one thing, those people intend to legislate from the bench and impose their religion on the rest of us

    1. That’s why it needs to be expanded. Our country was much smaller when the nine justice rule was made. It needs to happen anyway. The justice that funded the insurrection and perpetuated the big lie from the bench needs to be impeached regardless though, as well as the one who assaulted women in college then threatened to use his power to get revenge on Democrats for bringing it to light. Those are impeachable offenses.

  8. With Republicans, if it isn’t exactly
    “what it looks like”, It’s what it looks like, but even worse than what we figured these TRAITORS were up to.

    1. Everything they accuse Democrats of, they’re guilty of it. They’re a party of gaslighting, projecting narcissists.

    1. Actually, they are worse than gone with the wind. Once born, they actively try and deny them housing, food, and monetary help of any kind. If the woman became pregnant because she couldn’t afford decent birth control, then he education to better herself is in the trash as well. If men got pregnant, there would be changes really fast in providing help.

    2. Pro-birthers are like collectors. Still sealed in the wrapper, it’s priceless. Once out of the wrapper, it’s worthless!

    3. @Jon Jon Correct. Once it can exist outside the womb, torture it. But don’t you dare deny it the right to torture it once it becomes a living, breathing human being.

    1. It’s tempting to think that, but the damage will have been done to millions of women and families in the meantime. We just need to get involved and shape our country politically before domestic terrorists do it for us.

    1. there’s women now, in less developed places, beating on the unborns’ head to have it stillborn.. so there’s always that option too.

  9. They ruled companies don’t have to pay for birth control but I bet they pay for viagra.

  10. Remove Kavanagh and Coney-Barrett from the Supreme Court. Both are there by unprincipled and shifty means.

  11. It’s the fall-back argument that they deflect to whenever they’re losing the on-topic one. If you ever need to shut one of them up quick, ask them how many deformed orphans that they plan to adopt, after forcing them to be born and their parents placing them immediately into the system. Are you going to take care of an infant with their heart on the outside of their body for 7 months until they undoubtedly die from a raging systemic infection? That’s how one of my cousin’s whole life played out back in the 80s.

    1. Yep. And no way they would help with the medical costs. That’s just “God’s will”. To those people I always say, “so we are all made in God’s image and supposedly God knows our entire lives before we are even born, and yet God allowed this deformity to happen to this poor child. What exactly was God teaching that baby? That he’s a monster?” People are shocked when I say this, but I want them to open their eyes, that sometimes genetic mistakes are made, and some foetus’ shouldn’t be brought to term.

    2. @StephBer1 Yeah. Either god does make some serious mistakes, or he’s a sadist, or he isn’t real and the extent of nature’s randomness is more brutal than their imaginary devil was ever purported to be. They have no clue how large the human genome is and how easily unfortunate replication errors occur across the span of that much genetic data. But they will certainly find out if they outlaw abortion. It will be right in their face, and they won’t be able to unsee the horrors of the ceaseless pain that they’ll be forcing babies to endure.

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