Chris Hayes Speaks With Undecided Black Voters Ahead Of The South Carolina Primary | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes Speaks With Undecided Black Voters Ahead Of The South Carolina Primary | All In | MSNBC 1


Trymaine Lee joins Chris Hayes to talk with a group of undecided South Carolinians about the different choices of black voters in 2020. Aired on 02/27/20.
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Chris Hayes Speaks With Undecided Black Voters Ahead Of The South Carolina Primary | All In | MSNBC

36 Comments on "Chris Hayes Speaks With Undecided Black Voters Ahead Of The South Carolina Primary | All In | MSNBC"

  1. That black dude with the beard sounds just like Van Jones.

  2. MsNBC, Hayes is great. Mathews sucks.

  3. Who chooses who gets into that room???
    One of them complains about high copays but then disregards Bernie’s Medicare for all

  4. So what do those people care about? Maybe you should start saying what you want instead of having everything served on a platter…

  5. Joseph Dunleavy | February 27, 2020 at 9:56 PM | Reply

    This is very simple…if you are a person of color, don’t vote for Donald Trump. Vote for an ADULT

    • Deeplays Gaming | February 27, 2020 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      or vote bernie you know the guy that stood up for us during civil rights when it wasnt the popular thing to do, does that not count?

  6. Are these people even doing their research?

  7. bruh she said tom steyer. im done . people cant see the bigger picture, instead they still insist to be selfish. wouldnt be surprised if trump won again, at least his base can stand in line when needed.

  8. Bernie Sanders has the best past history with fighting for civil right and he is consistent?

  9. Truth is Bernie covers every issue they addressed…..The one woman that just wants to use the right to participate is just foolish……Dress nice , speak nice , still dumb than a mug….

  10. 6:50 “I need to know you liked African Americans before you started running for president…”

    Soooo Bernie Sanders it is then.

  11. Yellow top lady is utterly clueless…
    Dude!! BERNIE 2020

  12. That last part was completely incoherent. “We need to start talking about high medical costs, copays, deductibles… I know health care for all and all that, but… beneath that.” Wtf? Has she never heard a single Bernie Sanders speech?

  13. Um seems like some one should introduce Bernie to them

  14. I’m a black man but those south Carolina voters on the podium are out of touch with reality
    Minimum wage
    Health care
    Public housing
    Students loan
    Climate change

  15. They sound like they have no idea what they are talking about ?they talk about issues that one candidate addresses but dismiss due to his age.

  16. Girl in the red jacket seems so passionate and educated and then wastes her vote on Steyer just coz things may change 🤦‍♂️

  17. “At the beginning?!” Man she has no idea what she is saying.

  18. youssef moharram | February 27, 2020 at 10:11 PM | Reply

    Chris tried to get Bernie into the convo with the insulin line. I swear I’m starting to think he’s undercover #NotMeUs

  19. His name is Bernie Sanders…
    ……Going on 60 years now……
    Canada is a capitalist country with a Medicare for All health system
    going on 60 years now. Canadians got a Medicare for All health system
    because they fought and voted for it. It’s not a perfect system but it
    cost 50% less than the American system and you don’t lose coverage if
    you get sick. It’s paid for the same way you pay for firefighters,
    teachers, schools, highways, army, government…..Many major capitalist
    countries have Medicare for All….France, England, Spain, Germany..etc

  20. I pray this group is trying to hide their real views. Or they have got a LOT of catch-up reading before SAT polls open.

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