Chris Hayes: Why The Chauvin Verdict Is The Exception, Not The Rule | All In | MSNBC 1

Chris Hayes: Why The Chauvin Verdict Is The Exception, Not The Rule | All In | MSNBC


“People start to think that a trial like that represents American justice—It doesn't," says Chris Hayes on the Derek Chauvin trial. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Chris Hayes: Why The Chauvin Verdict Is The Exception, Not The Rule | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Louis Tully that’s true. If I was on that jury I’d have said guilty whatever the evidence cos I know if I didn’t then Maxine’s mob would be after me. Fact!

    2. @Louis Tully only conservatives and republicans live and govern on fear. It’s only natural to say that the verdict was served on fear not that the evidence was overwhelming. They continue to be on the wrong side of history. If you hate America so much leave.

    3. @Mack Jr Bell That is ironic, considering that many of the BLM advocates were threatning to burn Minniapolis to the ground if the Chuavin was not sentenced.

    1. @E Theory This trial represented us as a society moving forward away from everything you just listed… Let’s hope we stay on this trajectory….

    2. The prosecution’s case fell apart immediately when it was revealed that the autopsy revealed no marks on Chauvin’s neck and their star witness admitted that Chauvin was on Floyd’s shoulder. It was also revealed that Floyd died of a drug overdose and they his body had no signs of trauma. Chauvin should have been acquitted but the jury was terrorized by the likes of Waters. That’s how.

    3. @King Parsons You obviously didn’t watch the trial, he died of asphyxiation, I know you don’t know what that means, so google it

    1. The worst looting in America isn’t breaking windows at Target or Wells Fargo. It’s billions of dollars in wage theft, unjustifiable tax breaks for the top 1%, corporate tax havens, predatory loans, bail bonds, mass incarceration, and crooked Wall Street bankers who have never been accountable to anything but their bottom line.

    2. We will no longer ‘ mind our own business’ this IS our business ! If you see someone stopped by law enforcement RECORD it it may save their life – if not at least they ( law enforcement ) will be held accountable –

    3. @E Theory And it is better off if we just tax the and give it to the government, because they are deffenietly responsible and don’t have a 28 trillion, probably 30 trillion, debt now.

    4. @E Theory Amen ! It’s time we take a look at the real ‘ thugs’ in America – the ones stealing our pensions and taking our homes while we go to jail for a joint or die over a possible counterfeit twenty . by the way I was dispensed a supposed fake $20 in San Antonio from an ATM and the $20 kept by a server – it happens !

  1. Fox and Tucker Carlson putting on a nightly show of desperate fake outrage to try and improve their ratings. It has been a steady stream of dysfunctional and malicious commentary.

    1. It’s beyond partisan hackery, it’s beyond performance art. Faux and ol Tuck are beyond unAmerican they are The biggest threat this country has faced since World War II.

    2. @Hayle Seyton Last time I checked Fox news was not really condoning the destruction of America, or the racial riots. MSNBC on the other hand would be considerd unamerican.
      They got it all.
      -Fake Outrage
      -Political Bias
      -Democratic Bandwagons

  2. It’s very damaging. I was thrilled justice was served but newly educated to my own naivete and stupidity.

  3. Chris you are an excellent reporter with a lot of integrity, intelligence, and truth!! I put you up there with David Muir!!!

  4. Don’t rejoice too much. He can be under protection in prison, do a third of his time and then walk free on parole.

  5. Hopefully the dawning of a new era – police accountability . Justice for George was served today and hopefully this sends the message loud and clear that we will no longer tolerate the victimization of individuals in the care or custody of law enforcement . Had the video not surfaced it would have been swept under the rug like Kelly Johnson . Cops who violate the trust given to them to SERVE and PROTECT ALL people will not be tolerated .

  6. The rule is that money requires murder to have acquisition power called private property. The law is called balance and applies to absolutely everything.

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